How to Buy the Perfect Housewarming Gift

Buying a gift for someone who has just moved into a new home isn’t as easy as you might think – first of all, the options are endless and secondly you might not always know what they need. Nevertheless, it’s a nice touch to turn up for the first time with a gift.

Your gift should be practical, useful or a memory-maker – or all three!

One good thing about housewarming gifts is that there is no need to wrap it. Just stick it in a gift bag or basket and you’re done.

Here are some ideas for both traditional gifts and new, fresh ideas. Choose what will best represent you, your friend, and your relationship.

If you’re buying a housewarming gift for a newly married couple it really couldn’t be simpler – just check out their wedding gift registry and fill in any holes! For everyone else, check these out.

A Fresh Plant

A new home should always be brightened up with a plant, especially a flowering plant. It’s one of the first gifts you should consider. Plants are better than fresh cut flowers, as they live longer and don’t need as much maintenance. However, if you know your friend or relative has never had a plant in his or her life, skip this and move on!


Moving house, setting up and making it a home is hard work. A gift of food, such as a stew, casserole or lasagne, will be most welcome. Make it microwaveable and easy to serve, just in case they haven’t unpacked the kitchen yet! In fact, include paper plates and cutlery to make even easier!


A new home is a celebration so a gift of a bottle of champagne is a good way to mark it. Make it that bit more special with a couple of flutes for the new home owners to keep and go even further by having the date they moved in engraved on them.

Decorative Scented Candles

A safe stand-by for any housewarming gift is the scented candle. It’ll help create a calming effect in the house, look nice on the mantelpiece and generally make home feel more like home.

Designer Glassware

A stunning bowl, set of glasses, picture frame, even an ashtray if the person is a smoker can really mark the moment and retain the memory of a new home. The amount of designer glassware around – from designers like Kosta Boda – that is ideal as a gift continues to grow and is more and more readily available to buy.

A Gift Basket

Be practical and thoughtful with a gift basket geared towards a specific job. Here’s a few ideas for baskets that will be very well received.

Tools? Really?

Yes, really – moving in to a new home will often require a few little bits of DIY to be carried out and who can be bothered rooting through all your packing to find the right screwdriver? A gift basket of the most useful tools will be most welcome!

A Garden Basket

Help with getting the new home owners started in the garden with a basket containing basic gardening tools, some pots and some seeds. Perfect, especially if yo know the person/people to enjoy the outdoors.

A Care Package

This one goes back to food, except here you can include the basics like bread, butter, jam, milk, tea, coffee, sugar and a few tins. No-one is going to want to shop after moving home, after all, so set them up with the essentials to get started.

Ian Grainger is writing on behalf of Pyramid Designer Glassware & Gifts, retailes of Kosta Boda designer glassware.

Trevor Richards is writing on behalf of Pyramid Designer Glassware & Gifts, retailers of Kosta Boda designer glassware.

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