“How To Accomplish Anything You Want In Life”

Building a Network Marketing business is like planting a
garden. You till the soil, fertilise it, keep the weeds
out and make sure it is protected from bad weather. But
some seeds will grow while others will wither. The strong
seeds will grow regardless of you.

If the seeds you plant are weak you will be forever prop-
ping them up and hoping they will grow. Don’t fool yourself
into believing a weak seed can be encouraged to grow into
a strong and beautiful plant. That rarely happens. The real
secret is to plant the strong seeds. The real reason why
people join a Network Marketing business or any business
is because they have a (PMF) Primary Motivating Factor.

Let’s view a few.

1- Extra Income

2- Financial Freedom

3- Have own business

4- More spare time

5- Personal developement

6- Helping others

7- Retirement

8- Leave a legacy

You see the point is you have to know why you want to build
your business. You have to set a Goal, an accomplishment to
be achieved. Having a mission is an important part of goal-
setting process because a mission helps you focus the direc-
tion of the goals. Goals can be anything so long as they
contribute to your mission (reason for being).

Goals identify the direction of your organization or you
personaly; they are ultimate “destinations” of our dreams,
needs, and desires.

Goals are developed from ideas, wants, needs, and desires.
They can come from our business or our personal lives.

Goals should not change once they are set. However, objec-
tives to reaching goals can and should change as conditions

Essential goals must be accomplished for your success.

Problem-solving goals ought to be done to correct ineffec-
tive conditions and thereby produce better results.

Innovative goals are those we like to do in order to make
something good even better (faster, cheaper, or safer)

Try to find oppourtunities to achieve multiple goals by
completing action plans that are common to two or more
goals. Obviously, this requires careful planning and
written statements that you can mix and match as needed.

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