How Can Internet Broadband Keep Marine Fuel Costs Down?

On smaller motor yachts where range is limited to coastal cruising,
surfing the internet for marine fuel prices and availability followed
by a call before departure is the most efficient use of resources.

When accessing a line ashore Broadband speeds range from 2Mb, 8Mb up
to 24Mb. Data limitations from unlimited, 40Gb to 1GB. Some marinas are
recognising the need for a Broadband connection and offer a plug-in
point providing quick and easy access which can be utilised to get fuel
market data and to email brokers, when alongside.

‘Marina’ Wi-Fi’ Broadband in the event there’s no nearby local Wi-Fi
signal (hotspot) from a national provider; some marinas provide a
wireless internet access service. One such company is Square Mile one
of Europe’s largest marina and cover within 50 u.k. marinas with Wi-Fi
access. MDL marinas in the U.K. provide their own Wi-Fi.

What happens when there’s no plug-in point at say an anchorage or
the yacht is no longer in the marinas Wi-Fi hotspot coverage? Where
there’s mobile phone coverage offering Mobile Broadband, this is a cost
effective means of getting varying online coverage..

Mobile Broadband offers mobile internet access on the go. By
plugging in a mobile broadband dongle to a laptop or computer onboard
connection speeds of 7.2Mb to 1.8Mb and download data size ranging from
Unlimited, 15Gb, to 1Gb. Limits of 1Gb and 3Gb are ideal for checking
emails and doing light browsing, not enough for large files. Speeds
depend on the signal of the mobile operator with whom you have an
agreement, so first ask fellow yacht owners what signal strengths they
obtain locally before purchasing.

Online one can search for available hotspots some of which are
provided free of charge, has over thousands of hot spots
registered; just enter the post code of your marina to find out
availability, another the Cloud, the and
provides good package comparisons.

For those wanting complete coverage; to make phone calls or emails
to purchase marine fuel or need to keep live contact with your office
and transfer files Inmarsat have delivered a new Broadband system for
mariners. The Satellite Broadband ‘Fleet’ range ‘77’, ‘55’ and ‘33’
system by Inmarsat provides Voice, fax, and data communications for
both ocean-going and coastal vessels, delivered via a range of antenna
sizes to suit different types of.

Consider carefully your long-term requirements from broadband
internet before purchasing and the benefits. If you’re checking real
time weather reports, downloading updated chartsHealth Fitness Articles, or allowing your kids
to game online then look for a provider that can handle heavy broadband
demand in the harbour of your choice. Mobile broadband on coastal
passages is one of the less expensive means to keep in touch when there
is a signal available.

When making large marine fuel purchases timely communications from offshore can reduce fuel costs and also offset the investment in Broadband on board.

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