Hot Tub Ideas that fit into your Landscape

Hot Tub Ideas that fit into your Landscape

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Hot Tubs In Backyards
Hi Guys – If you opened this video you must be a hot tub kind-of-person. when it comes to hot tubs and spas. Some of the best backyards are the ones that draw the family out the back door and hot tubs are an enticing go-to feature where Kids come in all ages. Soaking away a long day under the stars has been said to be backyard therapy.
We’ll be checking out 4 categories of hot tubs; custom inground spas, above ground hot tubs, built in hot tubs, and piggyback pool-spas. Let’s get this spa-show started & take a Ring-around-the-tub tour . . .
Home Spa Home
Above-ground Hot tubs were the rage 40 years ago – move over ’80’s there’s a new Spa in town – these TUBS ARE TRENDING & add savoir fare to BACKYARD Living. Young, Mid-Life, & Oldies are getting their soak on . . . it’s all about the Bennies & the Jets!
Time to debate an in-ground spa or an above-ground hot tub. Above-ground hot tubs can be installed right out the back door or closer your home so they may get more year-round use – they offer all the benefits of an in-ground spa at a much lower cost.
They typically have 30-70 jets and ergonomic seating which allow soakers of all heights and sizes to fit comfortably. Installation is comparatively quick and you can install them on any level surface. They can be moved to alternate locations in the landscape if necessary. Because they are kept at one temperature there is no pre-heating, and they require less maintenance than an in-ground spa. A plus is the cover lift (attached bar) making it easier for one person to remove the cover.
The trade-off with an above-ground hot tub is the visual appeal to the landscape. That may be why some homeowners design built-in hot tubs like these.
And talk about “Liquid massage” – ‘A Soak a Day Keeps the Stress Away’
In-Ground Spas
What’s the skinny on Inground spas? These custom inground spas are like mini-swimming pools and enhance your backyard design. In-ground spas might fall into the upper end of the price range but their exceptional looks, durability, and potential for increasing home value make them a viable choice.
In-ground spas heat to desired soak temperature quickly and they retain heat more efficiently due to the natural insulation of the earth. The seats have a step-design and generally hold more people than above-ground hot tubs. Although above-ground units might have more jets, in-ground jets are generally more powerful.
The trade-off with an in-ground spa is proximity to the home during cold weather and a bit higher maintenance cost. However, these spas are beautiful and will provide years of relaxation for family fun while doubling as an entertainment feature for guests.
Inground Spa Connected to da’ Swimming Pool
In-ground hot tubs can be designed in different sizes and shapes as Piggy-Back Spas in Pool design. It’s pretty cool to be sitting in the hot tub, soaking it all in . . . Too hot? dip into the swimming pool to cool down. These Pool Spas can be open all year round – Hot Tubs built into your pool. During winter, “Spa access only” might be the way to go!
The piggy-back spa in this poolscape has a wonderful sheer descent feature creating serenity and drawing power. For Instant stress relief: Just add water. At the same time, it’s the perfect place for kids and young adults too. Sometimes You Have to Get in Hot Water to Stay Out of It! In these stay-at-home-times, having an option for friends to hang out is a plus and Water- fun times make some of the best memories.
All JOKING aside – We can easily say – “Home is where the Hot Tub Is”


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