Horizontal Wall Fountains Make Stunning Wall Decor

Horizontal Wall Fountains Fill up a Blank Wall

When you have a blank wall that you need to fill with something that’s aesthetic, requires little maintenance, and brings in plenty of positive energy into your home, a wall fountain will deliver. Vertical wall fountains are perfect for high walls with vaulted ceilings. A tall wall fountain will not only flow nicely with the upswept vertical lines of a high wall, but is will also draw your eyes upwards and beyond, enhancing the appeal of that part of the room.

Choosing a fountain which will coalesce with the stature of your walls is essential in order to create a harmonic balance. Tall walls, however, will dwarf horizontal wall fountains. A horizontal fountain on a tall empty space will conflict with the scale of the wall and be unable to draw attention to itself. A fountain of this style is best suited to shorter walls with a more diminutive scale, whereas vertical wall fountains will look cramped for space on a short wall. A horizontal wall fountain, on the other hand, will complete the blank space perfectly and in harmony with the rest of the measurements of the room. Get more great ideas for decorating with wall fountains at http://www.garden-fountains.com/Categories.bok?category=Wall+Fountains.

Horizontal Wall Fountains can include a Variety of Designs

If you’re short on space and have walls that won’t accommodate larger paintings or wall hangings, horizontal wall fountains can be the ideal choice to decorate your walls without fear of losing a sense of proportion in the room. Horizontal wall fountains also don’t take a lot of space, protruding just 5 or 6 inches off the wall. A wall fountain can include statuary in the form of urns and pots with water flowing from one to the other in rhythm to make for a pleasant and peaceful scene. Other styles may include horizontal designs that feature a streaming flow of water over a smooth surface. Granite is the material of choice for this kind of water feature. Steel also appeals, especially to those who prefer an ultra-modern and minimalist look with clean no-fuss lines. The surface of such horizontal fountains may also be corrugated or jagged to allow for water to flow in a rippled pattern that provides an interesting textural display.

Stress Alleviating Benefits of Horizontal Wall Fountains

They may be smaller in size than the more elaborate floor fountains one is accustomed to seeing in the lobbies of large hotels or malls, but horizontal wall fountains exude the same air of serenity. Having a water feature at home or in your place of work or business is widely acknowledged to have stress alleviating benefits. The gentle lull of the flowing water enlivens the senses, while at the same time creating a sense of ease. These soothing effects extend to lowering the risk of depression and even bringing about improvements in those with more serious physical or mental illnesses. Learn about different textures and designs with wall fountains at http://www.garden-fountains.com/Categories.bok?category=Fiberglass+Wall+Fountains.

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