Homeopathic Remedies for Your Dog


Dogs’ Homeopathic Remedies


homeopathic treatment is a type of treatment that works as a cure, similar to
medicine. Homeopathy will induce certain symptoms into the healthy body and
cure some illnesses in the unhealthy body. They work by stimulating the immune
system and make it fight the underlying condition. These small remedies are
given in small dosages to dogs.


Homeopathic Treatment and the
Conventional Therapy for Dogs


therapy will introduce chemical agents into the body of the dog. These drugs
can suppress the symptoms but sometimes they even suppress the dog’s natural

this case the underlying disease is not addressed but only the symptoms. And a
weak immune system is not good for the dog’s body.  The dog will be much more susceptible to get
other diseases in the future. Plus, the homeopathic remedies are made of animal
or plant material and also minerals. This means they have fewer side effects.


Treatments and the Diseases they cure

remedies can deal with many dog illnesses. Their effectiveness is great and the
side effects are fewer and fewer. They can treat: chronic ailments, skin irritations,
asthma, chronic intestinal disorders, allergies, some types of cancer,
bleeding, acute diarrhea and stings.


Is it Safe for the dog?

treatments are not 100% safe and this is why they must be used in smaller
dosages.  If they are used in the correct
manner they will not produce any side effects and they will cure the disease.


Administering Homeopathic


will get some tiny pellets. They can be placed in the dog’s mouth or dissolved
in the water. But do not mix them with the food because these pellets must be
taken half an hour after a meal. Under the homeopathic treatment it is best not
to give the dog other treatments.


sometimes, after the homeopathic treatmentArticle Submission, the dog can experience some
symptoms. They can last a while but they the situation will improve. Do not get
scared. Talk to the vet about this and he will reassure you.



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