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Pink eye is generally known as conjunctivitis. Usually, this problem occurs when there is an inflammation in the membrane which covers the white parts of your eyes and also the lining of inner surface of eyelids which is known as conjunctiva. This problem is not dangerous but the person suffering from this problem suffers from quite irritation. In this problem the white part of the eye looks pinkish and if it is due to bacterial or viral infection then this pink eye is contagious.Some of the important symptoms of pink eye are redness, itchy sensation of eyes, burning sensation and watering eyes and also sticky discharge from the eyes. Sometimes due to this discharge our eyelid sticks with each other especially when we get up in the morning. If the problem is due to bacteria then pus like discharge appears and if it is due to virus then you will have watery discharge.The primarily cause of the red eye is due to allergy to pollen, house dust and also due to some different type of make ups. This condition is termed as allergic red eye. Sometimes this problem may be due to exposure of chemical irritants like tobacco smoke, factory fumes and also due to excess chlorine in swimming pools and it is known as chemical conjunctivitis. The third form of pink eye is due to bacteria and this condition is contagious and you should take proper care of it especially by home remedies.There are different home remedies of pink eye by which you can treat your problem of conjunctivitis easily. Some of the important home remedies are:1. Apply ice on the affected area. It is an effective home remedy for pink eye. You will get a lot relief at least from irritation for some time.2. In this problem, chamomile tea bags are very much useful and effective. You should place the moist chamomile tea bags over the closed eyes at least for 10 minutes.3. You should wear goggles while swimming.4. You should also wear dark glasses in order to prevent others to be infected.5. One of the best home remedy for this problem is to use fresh breast milk but it should be fresh.6. Marigold is very much effective home remedy for this problem as it has antiseptic and ant-inflammatory features.Hope above home remedies will help you in getting relief from pink eye or conjunctivitis naturally.

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