Home Decors: Completing The Decorating Equation

For most people their home is the ideal place to spend time relaxing with friends and loved ones. This is because they have made their home a reflection of their personality. People who decorate their house according to their personality find that it helps them to feel the house is a home, not just somewhere that they have to live, day in and day out. Decor styles can be found to match every personality. Often people with outgoing personalities prefer decor which shows their flashy and outgoing nature, likewise those with a more sober nature may prefer themes that are more minimalistic. Whatever your choice, it is important that you hand pick each individual aspect of your room to match your personality.

Pick your color and accessories by concentrating on the things you truly love. If you are a collector you may wish to design your room to highlight a favorite display. For example, I have a friend who collects items that include the logo of a particular soda manufacturer. When redesigning his kitchen he decided to implement this into his decor. He selected his color palette from that used in the majority of his collectibles. Of course he used various collectables as accessories as well. He even found an area rug with the logo on it.

Accessories are a very important part of any decor. Accessories not only add an aesthetic value, but they also can be quite functional. It was necessary for my friend to add the area rug he found to maintain functionality. Because he has Cerebral Palsy and has difficulty standing, especially for long periods of time, it was necessary for him to cushion his floor. By using the area rug to pad the most used areas of his kitchen he was able to ease some of the stress on his legs, while not losing the look of his beautiful laminate flooring.

If you’re lacking in design or color, an area rug can be an impressive centerpiece. A neutral-colored room for instance will immediately get a color boost with a bright or rich-colored rug in the center of the room. A set of wooden furniture will be highlighted by a light-colored rug or look more cohesive with an equally dark-colored area rug.

Accessories are equally important in every room of your home. Every living room needs a great coffee table, just as every bedroom needs a fantastic armoire or chest of drawers. Luckily, like area rugs, these items can be found to meet nearly any decor.

Going by the things that appeal to you is expressing yourself. It may not necessarily be showing your wild side or your bohemian character, but decorations that you like are reflections of things that also give you happiness.

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