Home Decor: Essentials for Dressing up Your Home

Home renovation won’t be complete without decorations or accessories. In fact, our favorite things are often shown through our decors. It’s easy to point out animal lovers or nature lovers just by the choice of their paintings, colors, prints and furnishings. Contemporary homeowners are different from country and traditional ones with the use of decors, mostly in the materials with glass, stainless steel and metal for the former and hardwood and antique for the latter.

Pick your color and accessories by concentrating on the things you truly love. If you are a collector you may wish to design your room to highlight a favorite display. For example, I have a friend who collects items that include the logo of a particular soda manufacturer. When redesigning his kitchen he decided to implement this into his decor. He selected his color palette from that used in the majority of his collectibles. Of course he used various collectibles as accessories as well. He even found an area rug with the logo on it.

Most homeowners nowadays are more practical in decorating. They prefer items that are both functional and decorative. Instead of just an ottoman, one that has storage is preferred. Boxes for keeping trinkets are also used as decorations. Area rugs are sought after pieces because they are both floor decors and floor coverings. Area rugs also make unique wall hangings.

Area rugs are truly one of the most functional and multi purpose home decor accessory. They protect your body and your floor. Area rugs also add to your theme. By using an area rug you can draw together the colors of your theme. In the case of a commercial theme, like that above, an area rug may allow you to add your theme to the floor. This is much preferable to stopping your theme at eye level and ignoring the floor.

Of course, who would want to miss out on a coffee table, drawers and bookshelf? What about pretty ceramics and souvenirs you’ve accumulated from your trips over the years?

Going by the things that appeal to you is expressing yourself. It may not necessarily be showing your wild side or your bohemian character, but decorations that you like are reflections of things that also give you happiness.

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