Hey Boise: Is Your Outdoor Furniture Ready for Spring?

Boise Spring weather brings milder temperatures, but for your outdoor furniture, the warmer months are just the beginning of the busy season. Rough winds, surprise showers, pollen, fluff from local cottonwood trees and even the beaming sun itself can take a toll on your home furnishings. Prepare your deck, patio or sunroom for outdoor living with these tips.

Clean It Up

After a winter’s worth of leaves and dust has collected there, your outdoor living space may not be ready for guests without a thorough spring cleaning. Most outdoor furniture is made of materials that can withstand occasional scrubbing, but using the right cleaning tools can keep surfaces safe as you clean. Save wire brushes for refinishing projects or cleaning the grill and use only nylon bristles for removing everyday soil from wood, metal and painted surfaces.

A dash of ammonia or white vinegar added to the cleaning water will get hard surfaces sparkling, but for fabrics and wicker furniture, a soft-bristled brush and a vacuum cleaner may be all you need. Avoid using concentrated bleach or vinegar on light-colored fabrics in a sun room or outdoor area; while these cleaning agents can remove stains initially, they also contribute to yellowing and brittleness over time.

Air It Out

One of the best things about spring is the fresh, fragrant air. Opening windows in your sun room rids the space of any mustiness it may have acquired throughout the winter. Outdoor furniture always gets fresh air, but even the love seats and chairs you have on your deck benefit from turning cushions and letting them breathe. Rearranging furniture on your patio helps keep fabrics from becoming bleached in the sun, so change things up this year with a new floor plan for your outdoor living areas.

Don’t forget to bring spring into multi-purpose spaces such as sun rooms and mud rooms. Open windows make your whole home smell beautifully clean, but direct sunlight can discolor fabric, paper and even some wood surfaces. Get good circulation while protecting your home furnishings with sheer panels and fabric window shades. Wooden blinds and louvered shutters from Hunter Douglas are designed to shield people and furniture from the sun while letting in the spring air.

Redesign It

If your outdoor living spaces feel empty or dull, it’s time to expand your horizons. Ethan Allen Boise interior design consultant Sita Marion suggests, “Fine home furnishings aren’t just for indoor rooms. New weather-resistant materials repel rain, defy mildew and make caring for deck furniture easier than ever. Investing in new outdoor furniture early in spring gives you the rest of the season and an entire summer to enjoy outdoor living. When you choose furniture that’s meant to last, you could lay the groundwork for years of hosting the best backyard barbecues and most enviable garden parties in the neighborhood “.
Spring is here, so take consider these ‘inside tips’ for getting outside!

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