Helpful Hints For Throwing Your Dog A Birthday Party

You know what they say…every dog has his day so give your pup the perfect party when his birthday rolls around. If you don’t know the exact date of your dog’s birth, make one up. Your dog wont mind as long as he gets a day.

Although you don’t have to have a theme, it makes for a really cute party. Just take a look through some online birthday party sites for children to find one that really scoops you up. It will be a real treat for your pup.

If you arrrr still at a loss, think of your pet’s personality. Is your dog a priss? If so, our Princess theme might be just what you need to have a royal ball. Maybe your dog is just arrrsome. Why not do his in Pirates? Or, you can always go with one of our Dog themes like Puppy Party or Pink Poodle.

No matter which of the themes you choose, if any, you can incorporate ideas we have in your theme with our all around Real Dog party ideas.

Step one will be to make a list of dogs and owners you wish to invite. You can also invite non=owners who wish to enjoy yours and the rest of the pack. It is a good idea to limit the number of canines because too may can get ruff.

When choosing a location, a dog park is a good option but you can also opt to have it in your home or backyard.

After deciding upon the de-tails of who, where and of course, when, you are ready to purchase or make invitations. You can find them in the theme of your choice from online party supply stores or make your own using your poochie’s photo. I make my own by printing out a photo of my dog dressed in Pirate attire since his theme was Pirates. You can also order personalized invitations online and many allow for a photo.

Making your own invitation is easy. Simply download our Dog Downloadable Invitation and print on brown card stock paper then fill in your information on the back.

You can also cut card stock paper out to look like a dog and do the same.

Add some dog or bone shaped confetti into the envelope before closing it and seal with dog stickers on the outside of the envelope for even more fun.

Don’t forget the stamps. Rescue stamps with pictures of dogs and cats are available online at or at your local post office while supplies last.

Make sure your party decorations are dog gone good ones that make your pooch proud. It’s easy with some creative touches and innovative ideas.

Mark your party spot with a banner. You can find banners in a variety of themes at party supply stores online and can even have yours personalized.

Balloons add fun and festivity to parties so make sure your pet’s party has plenty. For a great effect, mix solid latex balloons with themed Mylars. Anchor them down with large dog bones and stuffed dog toys.

Fetch up some dog related items to spice up the decor. A chewed up shoe, bones of all shapes and sizes and dog toys can be placed about or even hung from the wall. Add in decorations from your theme as well as they will blend together to create a custom touch.

You can also purchase some new dog accessories that can be given as party favors when the party is over. If you are using another theme too, you can combine the two like a pirate patch over a stuffed dog’s eye. You might be surprised how creative you can get and how good it will fall together.

A bone pinata will serve as an adorable decoration and a fun game for the humans at game time. This pinata comes unfilled so you can mix canine treats with candies and treats for the kids and dog owners.

Paw print streamers add a special touch to the occasion. They are so cute and easy to hang. Simply drape around the room or party area. You can find them at birthday party stores online.

Mix and match removable wall art dog stickers with some from your theme. They are simple to put up and a cinch to take down as well.

Add in some fun doggie fur-niture like a cardboard dog house. Just take a large cardboard box and cut out a door then paint to look like a dog house. The dogs may not want to go in, but the children probably will.

Decorate a table or tables to place the cake and drinks on. You can even have one to display the gifts on.

A table cover is the place to start. You can go with a color coordinating solid, of course, but there are some really cute ones with Dog themes or check the table decorating section of your theme of choice.

You can use a centerpiece in the theme of your choice or a Dog theme one. Some even have a spot for pooch’s picture which is perfect.

Or, make your own if you would rather. Use an extra treat box from your theme and glue treat bones onto small wooden dowels. Place Styrofoam in the box and stick the rods into it. You can also bring in your theme like adding small glass Princess slippers or whatever fits your theme.

Place some small treat bones or biscuits about the table. People Crackers are great too. Add some dog toys, a few balls and a leash and you have one grrreat table.

Don’t forget to set out napkins, plates and cups in the Dog theme or theme of your choice. Blow outs and party hats can be arranged on the table too.

Yes, dogs get cake too. Why wouldn’t they? You can find recipes online then top with small bone shaped treats.

Or, simply shape canned dog food into the shape of a bone and serve on a paw print platter.

Don’t forget the humans! You can find cute and yummy Dog theme cake ideas and instructions at birthday party sites or you may want to make one in your theme which you can find online as well.

The scoop on chow time is to make some special snacks for both the humans and the pups. Everyone is sure to be hungry with all the fun they will be having.

Feed each dog from a separate bowl to avoid trouble. Some dogs get down right possessive when it comes to their chow.

Serve up a gourmet dog food like the fancy kind in a pooch pouch. If any of the guest dogs are picky you can have the owner bring his or her own as some dogs cannot (or will not) tolerate new foods. When the pups have something filling in their bellies, bring on the snacks. Try making your own from recipes you can find online. The dogs will really wolf these down.

You can find lots of great snack ideas for humans from birthday party sites online, especially sites that have sections on your theme and Dog themes.

Water is the beverage of choice for the canines but you may want to offer other drinks as well to the humans.

Make sure each dog stays well watered during the party by designating a bowl for each one.

You can serve the humans drinks out of themed party cups and even serve ice that is shaped in your theme or dog related shapes like bones or dogs.

Who’s up for a good game of fetch? Let the dogs chase balls and help themselves to dog toys in a basket.

Another fun thing to do is to have a community dog walk. Have all the owners walk their dogs around the block or park at the same time. Be sure all dogs are leashed though.

Set out small containers of tempura paints and let the owners help their furry friends make bandannas. Simply dip a paw in the paint and press onto a solid colored bandanna then repeat. Set out wet wipes so your floors do not end up with paw prints too.

For some fun with a twist, let the owners make a toy for their pet. Set out strips of fabric that can be braided into a fun fetch toy. They should be tied at each end. You can even use a sheet or fabric that is in your theme if you would like.

For fun entertainment, put on some music with songs like “Doggie in the Window” or “Who Let the Dogs Out?” and let each pup show his stuff in a talent show. A special treat goes to the best in show.

Dress your dog for success with canine costumes that delight young and old alike. You can find all sorts by searching costume stores online.

For a real tail wagging treat, send the guests home with a doggie bag complete with all the trimmings.

You will first want to decide what container you are going to use to put the goodies in so you know how many to include.

You can use dog bowls like the shiny silver kind, a jar with paw prints on it, a bandanna filled with goodies tied at the top, or a party favor box in a Dog theme or any other theme you choose.

For fillers, squeaky toys and stuffed animals, dog biscuits and bones are all great ideas.

Make a treat bag for the owners too if you want to. Fill with dog accessories like dog brushes, nail clippers and poop scooper sets.

Add your own creative touches to these fine ideas and you are sure to have a dog gone great party that will make your pooch proud.

Make sure you check out Cheryl Jerabek’s site for great birthday party themes and best deals on party supplies.

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