Health Benefits Of Organic Aquaponic Vegetable Gardens

Backyard organic gardens have become more and more popular over the last twenty years. The produce tastes fresh, you know where your food is coming from, and there is a great satisfaction in growing your own food. Not to mention the current food prices and savings you can make by growing your own.

Studies (26th print edition of the journal of agricultural and Food Chemistry) suggest that plants grown with herbicides actually reduce the plants ability to fight off pests, this in turn reduces the plants ability to provide healthy anti-oxidants that us as humans require to keep ourselves healthy. T hese anti-oxidants are also vital for preventing or fighting many types of cancer.

I personally hate the C word, and I’m not going to use it again. But I do whole heartedly believe that many of the chemicals used in growing our food is detrimental to our health. If nothing else home grown organic vegetables taste a million times better than most shop bought equivalents. There is nothing worse than a large healthy looking tomato that actually has no taste at all.

So I’m a fan or organic vegetables, there’s no doubt about that. However what I would like to share is another form of growing your own organics. If you haven’t heard of Aquaponics i’ll give you a brief run down. Aquaponics is a cross between your typical home grown vegetable garden, your fish tank and hydroponics. Essentially you grow your vegetables from the nutrient rich water a tank of fish produces. An Aquaponics system is incredibly easy to set up and maintain, requires only a small amount of space and the benefits… well I’ll list just a few.

Your produce tastes FANTASTIC! Now I’ve grown all sorts of vegetables and plants in soil, but was astounded at the fresh full flavoured vegetables I could grow with this system.

Your Produce grows in a fraction of the time that it does in soil. This sounds hard to believe, I can only explain it by saying, your plants will get all the nutrients they need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They won’t be fighting for root space like they do in soil, and they’ll grow ALL YEAR round! I LOVE being able to head out to my greenhouse in winter and pick some fresh tomatoes for a salad!

You can expect to see a large increase in these types of home gardens in the near future, they have no real drawbacks at all and require small amounts of maintenance and upkeep compared to your typical soil garden.

I whole heartedly you start this sort of diy project if you enjoy growing your own food. It’s an addictive fun and rewarding way to produce your organics!

Having been an avid gardener for years, discovering aquaponics has completely changed my outlook on growing fresh produce for my family. Whilst I still like getting my hands dirty in the flower bed, I have really enjoyed experimenting with this great aquaponics system in my own backyard.

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