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When the time comes to take a vacation, there are plenty of destinations to choose from, but few are well-balanced enough for the vacationer looking to enjoy a quiet beach atmosphere. Beach destinations tend to attract large, rowdy crowds. This is especially true for closer destinations such as Mexico, California, or Florida. Fortunately, Gulf Shores, Alabama is one of the best-kept secrets among beach goers. With a small year-round population, Gulf Shores, Alabama is quickly becoming a hot spot for vacationers, especially residents of nearby states, such as as Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana. This small population provides vacationers with a quiet atmosphere where they can enjoy the sights and attractions of the Gulf of Mexico. Its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico is another asset; the Gulf of Mexico enjoys a tropical environment year-round. While December and January tend to be bitterly cold for the rest of the country, Gulf Shores, Alabama averages afternoon highs in the 60s during the winter months. Its no surprise then that this destination is gaining popularity, and has become the second-fastest growing city in the state. Therefore, some vacationers have chosen to invest in real estate in real estate there. While property along the shores of Miami Beach or Los Angeles can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, a comparable property can cost a fraction of this price. For first time visitors, the accommodations are also comparable to the four and five star hotels elsewhere. Much of these accommodations are luxury condos that can be rented on a weekly basis for less than the cost of a nightly stay at a hotel. This certainly provides a better value to a vacation in nearby Gulf Shores. Traveling to the gulf coast during the holiday season can be an even better value, especially since many international or well-known destinations are much more expensive during the peak season. Everything from transportation, to lodging is more expensive during the cold winter months, yet gulf coast residents are merely a short drive away from the beaches. Even residents from further off places will find that all it takes is a day’s drive to get to their gulf coast destination. You shouldn’t have to travel far, or spend a lot of money to enjoy a beach destination vacation. While hot spots like Miami Beach and Cancun are great for the party crowd, Gulf Shores, Alabama offers a quiet atmosphere for a great value.
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