Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables at Home

Creating and caring for a home garden is an activity enjoyed by millions of people all over the country. There is nothing more rewarding than cultivating the earth and then planting and growing your own delicious and healthy vegetables. Today, one type of gardening method that has become extremely popular is Organic Vegetable Gardening.

An organic vegetable garden is a garden where the vegetables that are grown are free of pesticides and synthetic chemicals. From the soil to the fertilizer, as well as treating such problems as weeds and insects can all be managed using natural pesticide free methods and products. Using all natural gardening methods means that the foods grown are healthier and safer to eat compared to the chemical coated mass produced food.

There are many advantages to growing organic vegetables at home. When you grow your own food in a chemical free environment, you will be helping to protect the environment and you will be in charge of what you are putting into your body. Growing vegetables in chemical free soil means that you are preventing harmful chemicals such as pesticides from entering your body. It is also a great way to teach children about the health benefits of consuming natural chemical free foods and how growing their own food reduces their carbon foot print which benefits the environment.

When gardening using chemical free products, the soil remains uncontaminated so the ground and water table does not become contaminated with chemicals which protects the environment. Because all natural fertilizers contain natural matter, nutrients, and trace elements, the soil remains nutrient rich and ready for next year’s growing season. As well, it will not harm the surrounding habitat that may be home to wildlife such as birds, insects, frogs…etc.

The vegetables produced in an all natural environment are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, which makes them much more nutritious than chemically produced foods, but they also taste delicious.Not only are the vegetables grown healthier for your family, but you will also save money because they are cheaper to grow. You can normally find seeds at a garden store that not only produce a large quantity of vegetables, but at a price that is usually less than a $ 1.00 a packet.

Statistics have shown that more people are now starting to grown their own food on their home back yard. A National Gardening Association survey revealed that ‘households planning to grow their own food in 2009 increased by 19% over the previous year.” Much of this increase is due to concerns about the chemicals we are putting in our body and the impact that mass produced foods using chemicals have on the environment. Not only is it healthy, but it is also a relaxing and fun way to spend quality time by yourself or with your family. The benefits of eating all natural foods have made organic gardening a popular activity for millions of families across the country.

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