Grow Your Own Groceries? Is it Really Worth It?

Do you ever wonder how much money you could actually save by growing your own groceries? How difficult would it be? How much time would it take? Is it really worth the effort?

Think about a recent trip that you made to the grocery store. Surely you bought a variety of fruits, vegetables, and seasonings in addition to your meats and other grocery items. If not, hopefully you at least know that you should have in order to maintain healthy eating habits, but that’s beside the point. Think about how much you paid for each individual item… two or three dollars each…maybe more? Did you know that you can purchase a package of seeds or even small plants for just about every type of vegetable and seasoning herb imaginable? You can…and the cost…seeds are usually only a few cents and plants are usually no more than a couple of dollars…and the real kicker…if you have even the slightest bit of a green thumb, you can grow more produce from those seeds or plants than you could ever reasonably afford to purchase in the grocery store.

Growing your on herbs and vegetables is actually pretty simple, and many people enjoy the work, which for some can be very relaxing. We won’t get into “Gardening 101”, but basically all it takes is some potting soil, a little bit of fertilizer, light, and water. You don’t need acres of land to have a vegetable and/or herb garden…you could even grow your garden in pots or planters inside your home. Large farms produce enough food for thousands of people (probably a low guess)…you just need to produce enough for you and your family…a couple of plants is all it would take and you will probably still end up giving away fresh, home-grown produce to your friends and neighbors.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to care for a small garden. The largest portion of your time spent on the project will be when you first start it. You can get everything set up in a few hours…this time includes figuring out what you want to plant, going to the store to purchase the seeds or plants, potting mix, pots or planters, etc, and then coming home and planting your garden. The only on-going care is making sure that you water your plants and picking your vegetables when they are ready. Unless you have a very large outdoor garden, caring for it is really not all that time consuming…a few minutes per day should do it.

So, is growing your own groceries really worth the effort?
– It can save you quite a bit of money on your groceries.
– It can be an enjoyable and relaxing form of stress relief.
– It’s really not all that time consuming.
– You and your family will be saving money and eating healthier

The conclusion…growing your own groceries is definitely worth the effort.

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