Green Patio Decor – Eco-Friendly Fire Pits, Fireplaces & More

After a long day, it feels wonderful to sit back in a cushioned chair and relax by the warm flames flickering from a patio fire pit. If you’ve been stuck in an office all day, you shouldn’t also be stuck inside when you get home. Instead, you can hang out outdoors, take in the fresh outdoor air, and still manage to stay warm and cozy all evening with a fire pit. That’s why these accessories are the most popular patio heaters. Along with this, they are affordable and come in many lovely designs.

Green Patio Heaters

Fire pits can be used with various types of fuel or they can be used with fire wood. For homeowners living a green lifestyle there are many great choices in fire pits. Natural gas and propane options have become incredibly popular because they are smokeless, ash and debris free, and odorless. They also produce far less harmful fumes and carbon monoxide than pits that are made only to hold wood logs.

There are a number of other patio heaters that are also great choices for the conscientious homeowner. Propane fire tables are one of the trendiest options. They are beautiful tables from which flames rise and dance in specific patterns. There are also outdoor fireplaces that burn on fuels like bioethanol, propane, natural gases, and gel fuel. All of these fuel types are a more environmentally friendly option than wood.

Fire Glass Vs. Artificial Wood Logs

If you want to green things up even more, you can invest in fire glass as an alternative to artificial wood logs. Artificial wood logs produce far less particulate matter than real wood, but glass produces no particulate matter. In addition to this, artificial logs may contain asbestos which is commonly known for its dangerous health effects. Fire glass is a terrific alternative because it is absolutely beautiful and does not produce smoke, fumes, soot, or odors of any kind. It will also not melt or discolor under normal conditions as it is composed of specially made tempered glass.

Local Fire Codes

Many cities have regulations and/or restrictions on open fire accessories. Eco-friendly fire pits, as well as other environmentally friendly patio heaters, are a great option because they may actually better meet your local city’s open fire laws and regulations. The laws are meant to help reduce air pollution and decrease the risk of wild fires.

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