Great Edges For Your New Counter Tops

After you have chosen the right materials,color and style of kitchen counter top you still have one more decision to make – what kind of edges do you want them to have to finish them off in style?

Simplest of all edges is the straight square. Straight edges just see all the components of the counter tops meeting at a right angle. Straight edge counter tops are favorites with DIY enthusiasts as they are easier to work with.Most of the lower end kitchen counter tops feature them as well since skipping fancier edging keeps costs down a little.

However, if you are going to go with a kitchen counter top option like granite or silestone you are obviously already very much interested in improving the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, so choosing a different kind of counter top edge that puts an extra twist on the design makes a lot of sense. Here are some of the options that are available to you:

Quarter Rounded – To create this very popular look the top of the counter top edge is carefully rounded to create a softer look than straight edges impart. A double quarter round refers to a counter top edge that has been rounded at the top and the bottom. This kind of edge is popular with young families for whom sharp straight edged counter tops that are right at a child eye (and bump) level cause nightmares.

Bullnose – To create a demi bullnose style kitchen counter top edge the top edge is rounded off rather dramatically to create a more circular appearance while leaving the bottom edge straight. A full bullnose on the other hand rounds the edges into a perfect half circle.

Bevel Edges – One of the more popular and decorative styles of counter top edge is the custom bevel. Edges are carved at various 30-45% degree angles to suit the homeowners personal tastes and sense of style.

Bevel edges look fantastic but only if they have been cut by someone who really knows what they are doing as it is very easy to get the angles wrong and end up with a mismatched look that can spoil the whole appearance of the new counter tops.

Decorative Edges – Styles like the Ogee, the Roman Ogee and the Sharks Mouth are some of the most intricate and impressive countertop edges you can find. The Ogee cut, looks very much like a slanted S curve while the double Ogee cut has two slanted S curves.

The Roman twist on a an Ogee edge is even more impressive to behold. The second curve of an ogee S shape is carved into a bullnose instead, creating quite a stunning look. And the Sharks Mouth? It looks like the name suggests it might, just without the sharp pointy teeth.

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