Giving Wall Clocks or an Outdoor Clock as a Unique Gift

Giving wall clocks as unique gifts can be one way of surprising your friends with something they wouldn’t expect from you – or how about an outdoor clock? Very few homes don’t already have a clock, but it can still be a wonderful gift if you make the right choice. Here are some ideas how your choice of clock can be a surprising and very welcome gift to your friends or relatives.

Beautiful Eye-Catching Wall Clocks

It is obvious that you have a vast range of wall clocks to choose from, so here is just a selection of the more unusual or eye-catching clocks that might interest you as a unique gift:

A rouge wall clock has a bright red mirrored face with silver hands and dash marks, and will stand out in any room, but particularly one decorated in a modern style. So too would a sleek metal silver-red clock, again with a red face and red and silver hands and certain to draw the attention of your visitors.

Alternatively, if you prefer back and white, you can find a fabulous clock online with a silver metal case, and black Roman numerals around the edge, but what makes this so interesting is that the working gears are in full view. It is not a totally ‘naked clock’, but one that offers a mix of style, functionality and a view of how it operates.

There is an almost unlimited selection of wall clocks online, but one of the most worthwhile is the so-called ‘Blink’ clock that benefits the “Foundation Fighting Blindness” when you buy it. With a 12 inch matte white dial, and black hour and minute hands, the hours are set in Braille round the perimeter. It is sturdy and not upset by blind hands seeking the time. If you have blind people in your family, or even those whose sight is waning, then this is an ideal clock to offer as gift this Holiday period.

Functional Outdoor Clocks

Contrary to what most people believe, outdoor clocks are not dull and boring, but can be exciting and very colorful, and also add a touch of class to your home. Most can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are very easily mounted.

One example is a traditional metallic black and white outdoor clock with an open dial, and at 24 inches diameter, this is a substantial clock. With its black double outside rim and Roman numerals arranged like spokes, it looks just like an old-style car wheel. Although it can be used indoors it is designed for outdoor use and will resist wind, rain and snow, and is very reliable. This is just one example of the type of outdoor clocks that are available online right now, but there are others.

An alternative design for outdoor clocks is a double-sided clock with a metal and iron glass-fronted case. With the clock on one side and a thermometer on the other, you can determine both the time and the ambient temperature in your garden. This would look great in any garden or backyard and is totally weatherproof. An alternative is a bright silver solar-powered clock that can be used in the home or in your garden. In addition to the main clock face, it has two smaller dials each side of 6 o’clock displaying temperature and relative humidity.

Desk Clocks and Weather Stations

These are just two examples of the fabulous outdoor clocks that are available for you to purchase online, and that generally come with guarantees and warranties. There are many other types of wall clocks available online, although you may prefer to buy your friends or relatives a desk clock combined with a weather station rather than a wall clock.

Many don’t know their friends well enough to be able to choose a wall clock, since such clocks must often fit in with existing home décor. In such cases you have the option of desk clocks that also double up as weather stations, providing temperature, humidity and even a barometer indicating atmospheric pressure and predicted general weather conditions.

Desk weather stations come in many different forms, although it would be hard to resist a geometric split-screen design featuring Bedol’s geometric mosaic weather station with a barometer that indicates atmospheric pressure. This provides accurate forecasting of the weather for the next few hours. Add to that temperature, humidity, time, date, alarm with snooze and you have a fabulous gift for anybody’s office, lounge, kitchen or bedroom.

Giving wall clocks as a unique gift involves a lot more than most believe and some of the products available online today are absolutely magnificent. You can now give an outdoor clock as a unique gift without feeling embarrassed because such instruments are not only accurate, but are currently regarded as very acceptable gifts.

If you are looking for a unique gift, then giving wall clocks and outdoor clocks would meet the needs of most of your friends and relatives. Clocks are eternal gifts, and you will find a large range online at the Global Home Accents website together with a large range of other unique and beautiful gifts and home decor.

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