Getting A New Kitchen Without A Heavy Renovation

Getting a new look for your kitchen does not always mean you need a heavy renovation. Renovating the kitchen or kitchen remodelling takes quite a lot of work, time and requires a great sum of money too. Furthermore, you’ll need to figure out ways to get alternatives to your kitchen’s functions meanwhile it undergoes reconstruction.

There are a few other ways to give a new look to your kitchen which will cost you less work, time and money. One of the best way would be giving your kitchen cabinets a facelift as they are the main furnishing that determines how good and bad your kitchen will look like. You can completely change your old cabinets and install new ones by choosing whether custom made or mass produced ones.

You can even opt to only reface your kitchen cabinets and do some DIY. If your cabinets are made of wood then the simplest way to do this is by restaining them. For example, you can restain a golden oak cabinet with black or dark cherry with easy steps that can be learnt from many DIY sites online. Restaining though will first require you to strip off the old stain and this could be done easily in a very short time with wood stripper products available in the market.

You could top up your restaining or repainting project by changing the handles or your cabinet pulls to give it a totally new appearance. Another great idea for those creative minds out there would be stencilling your kitchen cabinets for a fresher look and design.

Applying stencilled pictures to your cabinets after repainting or restaining them will give a unique character that you’ll adore from time to time. You would then be surprised on how much these little changes could improve your old kitchen decor and turn it into something new.

Another alternative to kitchen remodelling is refacing your kitchen cabinets whether they are wooden or made of other materials. This is done by pulling out the old drawers and putting on new ones. You can get a new colour combination or ones with handles if they didn’t have any before.

So if you think it’s time to look at a new kitchen you don’t have to necessarily begin a renovation. Think carefully of your budget and needs and if these alternatives might help you feel great with a new kitchen facelift without the hassle and costs of a kitchen renovation.

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