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The peach is one of the most preferred fruit in many households especially during hot summer days. It is highly favored due to its incredible taste, health related components, lack of fat. Also, calories in a peach are low. The pursuit of more healthy lifestyles for many people has prompted the adoption of the fruit across the diets of many people. Indeed, one of the most basic criteria used by many individuals in determining the type of fruit to consume is the nutritional component of the fruit with regard to its calorie level.Peaches are harvested from the renowned persica plant which bears juicy fruits all year round and can grow up to a considerable height with most plants ranging from 25-30 feet. This plant is grown on a global scale with the largest producers being Europe, The United States and China respectively. There are varied differences in the characteristics and species of peaches across these nations which include their pulp appearance, fruit color as well as growth characteristics.Peaches are derived from the persica plant which can be described as a small, deciduous tree with a growth range of up to 30 feet. The persica plant is widely grown in many countries including Europe, China and the United States and is renowned for its juicy fruits. The characteristics of peaches in terms of their size, color and growth patterns depend on various factors including farming expertise and the country of origin.Peaches generally have more nutritional components than some of the other major fruits like bananas, oranges and apples. Comparison of similar sized fruits reveals that they indeed have a lower calorie content. A Georgia peach fruit variety has about 38 calories per 100g which is way lower than a similar sized apple.According to the nutrition data website, peaches are ranked among the top five highest scoring fruits with regard to the Completeness Score. This scale is compiled after careful analysis on how complete a food is with respect to a mix of 23 different essential nutrients. According to this score, peaches are ranked higher than major nutritional foods.Evidence shows that one large peach contains about 500 units of vitamin A, this is greater than 10 percent of the daily recommended amount. In terms of vitamin C, peaches contain more than 15 percent of the daily recommended amount which is about 12 milligrams. They are also rich in Vitamins B1 and B2 that are used in lowering magnesium levels in the body.Important considerations to keep in mind when shopping for peaches include aroma, texture quality with regard to external cuts and responsiveness to pressure. While at the store, look for fruits which have a soft texture and a distinct aroma. The fruits can be kept in a refrigerator but before consumption they should be left at room temperature to preserve their rich flavor and taste.To understand this fact better one of the major nutritional value websites carried out an analysis of the essential nutritional components found across a wide variety of fruits . They came up with a completeness score to rank them. Peaches were ranked among the highest nutritional fruits beating blueberries, apples and various other fruits.Also, calories in a peach were found to be very low.

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