Get Some Excellent Gardening Tips From The National Home Gardening Club

Are you looking for a community where you can share your love of gardening? Sure, there are many free groups to join, such as Facebook, Myspace and other social networking sites, but you won’t gain access to an expert gardener or be able to try out new garden supplies as they come out. You won’t receive a magazine subscription in the mail or participate in active forums with hundred — if not thousands — of responses. You can find all this at the National Home Gardening Club website at

Regular members of the National Home Gardening Club receive the Gardening How To Magazine, the ability to test new (free) gardening products, full access to the club website, a chance to win club giveaways, gardening tips from other members, professional answers to your gardening questions, free gifts, newsletters, books and videos. Life members of the gardening club receive all the same things as regular members, but with lifetime access. They’ll also get a Life Member ID card, key-ring, gardening mat, gloves and gifts valued at $ 165.

Premier Life Members receive all the benefits of regular life members, plus get a $ 45 gift certificate to, discounts from retailers, a free hotline with answers from a gardening expert, discounts on club seminars and garden events, free online vegetable/herb garden planning service for one year and travel discounts.

Some members love the National Home Gardening Club for its members-only garden contests. For instance, their Photo Contest asked members to send in three of their best garden photo shots (plant portraits, borders, beds, garden structures and scenes). Winners could receive a pair of Swift 825 Eaglet Binoculars from Swift Sport Optics (valued at $ 530), The AeroGarden (valued at $ 209), a $ 100 gift card from Lee Valley Tools, or Terra Cycle fertilizers, wild bird seed, deer repellent and flower pots (valued at $ 75). The “Pruned to Perfection” contest asked members to send in their best pruning photos and stories. Three winners won a $ 289 Fiskers prize package that included a Power Gear Bypass Pruner, Power Gear Hedge Shears, Telescoping Pruning Stick, Power Gear Bypass Lopper, Gardening Multi Tool, Power-Pivot Grass Shears, Garden Knife, 10 Gallon Kangaroo and a 3-piece Scratch Tool set.

Of course, what really makes a website, the National Home Gardening Club included, is the people. You’ll enjoy sharing photos and stories with other avid gardeners across the country, as well as right in your own backyard. You may find new friends to go on garden walks with or you may find seed trading partners to enhance your planting collection. You can discuss the latest garden tools with others who’ve used them before making a purchasing decision and share your advice with others as well. Members who enjoy a sense of community are generally very happy with their decision to join.

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