Get Personal With Raw Food Author Matt Monarch as He Shares on His Reading and Raising Kids Raw

This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni’s Rawkathon, which can be found at In this excerpt, Kevin gets personal Matt Monarch shares on his reading and raising kids raw.

Rawkathon with Matt Monarch. Matt Monarch has been living a raw food lifestyle for nine years now. He is the author of Raw Spirit and Raw Success.

Kevin: So, I kind of want to get a little more personal. How about that? What’s interesting you now and why?

Matt: “The Anastasia Series.”

Kevin: Tell me about that because I have not read any of them. So, what’s the deal?

Matt: “The Anastasia Series” is nine books, and it’s about this woman named Anastasia who lives in the forest, untouched to society in Russia, in the Tiga. And there’s this man Vladamir, who’s a typical guy, like me when I was a partier. He went from port to port, big businessman, partying, selling things here, buying things there. And he just happened to run into this woman. They’re complete
opposites, but there was something there. And he’s the author of these books. So, she knew the purpose, I mean, not that they only fell in love or something, the purpose was to bring this out to the world. And this woman, Anastasia, from being untouched by everything else, is one of the fastest thinkers, has special abilities, some things that sound profound. You could sense the truth in it. After you learn about her and her abilities, she presents…puts forth how humanity can go back to a place of the pristine environment, happiness, and everything like that. She explains how it used to be in history, the true history that wasn’t hidden by the priests and changed over the years in history books.

A lot of it has to do with growing your own food, getting your own land, and it’s just this whole entire idea that transformed into a movement. And many people are following this. And it’s making a lot of change on the planet. That’s just a brief, brief summary, there’s so much. It’s just very rewarding as you read it because you learn a lot about spiritual growth and stuff like that.

For example, she explains how the ray of love, she has this ability to heal people just by sending love and then she gives examples. There’s this one man who didn’t die because people were helping him just through love, and their rays, that are not as bright as hers, were aiding in his progress. It just made me always want to be in that state, and always try to heal people on an energetic level.

Kevin: And that’s what you’ve taken the most from it?

Matt: Yeah. When I was…before I went 100% raw, I didn’t even know a spiritual lifestyle existed. I didn’t know a path was possible. The 100% raw diet threw me into spirituality. I mean, I didn’t care. It happened automatically. I wasn’t trying to mediate or anything I just did the raw diet, and I’ve always talked about how I did the psyllium bentonite cleanse and my third eye opened and the vibration just started pouring on me, and I started getting into meditation. I didn’t do anything different, all I did was eat raw and cleanse the colon. Those two things together are extremely important to receive that energy. A lot of yogis recommend cleansing the colon with the raw food diet as a mandatory thing to do because of this.

So, ever since then, the growth has been extreme, and I started opening up to things, like learning about what they do to animals, it’s just one aspect. The environment, I couldn’t even handle it anymore, I became so sensitive. Just secretive things. When your consciousness just opens like that, I learned more in three years than I learned in my entire lifetime before that. It just opened me up to truth. And it’s just…yeah. And it’s kind of sad when I look at everybody else, and I see all this stuff that’s happening. I’m just like, “That’s what I used to be.”

Kevin: You talked about getting your own plot of land, planting your own fruits and vegetables. Is that something you’re moving towards? Are you moving towards the Anastasia lifestyle? Or is it all 100% possible to do that? Where are the difficulties and what are the challenges?

Matt: Well, it takes people like us to do that. It’s definitely 100% possible for anybody to do that. Yeah, I’m going to do it. In terms of growing my own food, I’ve always been the type of guy who doesn’t want to get into the ground and all these other things. I like to just go to my local farmers, get the best food in California, and I’m happy. I just make the best vegetable juice. Angela, my fiancée, is really into wanting to grow her own food. I’ve never been taught so much these truth things more than through Angela, it’s pretty crazy.

But my main key thing is getting to this land and having a child. This is where the beauty of this all comes into play. Vladamir and Anastasia had a child, and since there’s no society and nothing like that craziness they teach you how to raise children in a sense. And what happens is, they become more brilliant. They have these special abilities. My goal in all this is for my child to be the Supreme Being, better than me and just to change the planet. I have a feeling my child is going to have such of an effect, that’s what my gift is, my child, I feel like. And I could just sense everything that I am doing right now is towards that and watching this blossom happen. It’s just going to be amazing like nothing that anybody has ever seen. I want to bring it to that state of as natural as possible so let’s see what happens.

Kevin: And do it just completely natural.

Matt: Yeah.

Kevin: What’s the plan?

Matt: Well, of course intuition comes into play. Let me give you an example of what happens in the Anastasia book. You give a kid a plastic toy developed by factories and stuff like that. This affects their thought process. If they are playing with other toys such as a squirrel and they learn communication with the bugs and all these other things that happen they become this brilliant being. It’s like just staying in nature and when I see my child I don’t want to be like, no you can’t do that, you can’t do that. I want to bow down to my child like you are my teacher. You are pure. Please help me. That is the attitude I want to have.

Kevin: [laughter] And is there anything inside of you that says maybe not 100% raw food?

Matt: Yes. I don’t think Angela would have it and she has probably more to say into this factor. There are a lot of factors for this. OK.. I don’t want anyone to refuse medical attention. I am going to put a disclaimer there. I am not a doctor. I am not a medical professional. I recommend you seeing one. Anaphylactic to pharmaceutical intravenous drugs. If a doctor sees this if I get into a car
accident, they are not going to stick morphine in me hopefully if they see this. I feel like I will die because of how toxic that is. I have been on a raw food diet for almost a decade now and I am very pure.

There is this woman that I know, she’s a lawyer, she has this stack of papers of cases of people that have died from intravenous drugs and other things like that and they hide it. And so the cleaner someone is, the more at risk they are. And for myself, I know how clean I am. Dr. Fred Bisci, he has been on the raw food diet for 50 years, he probably had decades of doing this, he went to the dentist and they put a Novocain mask on him. His heart started beating really fast. He just got his hand up in time and they took it off. But he thinks he wouldn’t have made it if they continued. It was pretty intense.

If you have a child who has been on a raw food diet for the first ten years of their life, they are extreme clean. If they get into a car accident and they are given morphine, they might not make it. Or if they are ten years old and they are given a hamburger they have to be well educated about this sort of thing. The probably wouldn’t want it but that can cause some problems. There is a lot of confusing stuff. I go around the entire world and I see a lot of raw children. A lot of them are not doing well. They have teeth issues and stuff like that. I kind of see what is going on. I want to give a couple of examples here.

Kevin: Please.

Matt: One is about breast milk but I want to talk this other one. The parents in my opinion have to be really emotionally detached from foods to some extent and have a balanced diet within themselves. There was this one kid who had messed up teeth, black, big belly and 100% raw and their parents are 100% raw but their parents are not used to being 100% raw, their psychological, emotional issues are rising to the surface. They are eating food all day long. I would rather see someone do poor food combining than eat a meal before that digests eat again. That’s just a fermentation disaster. They will have a chocolate bar here, this there. It’s just nonstop. And then their kids are following suit and doing the same things they are doing and then the parents what they do is they couldn’t succeed on that diet forever, they would run into problems. So what they do is, they might do colon hydrotherapy or cleansing their colon which takes that away and resets you in a sense. It’s kind of a secret. Their children don’t do that and they’ve got these big bellies. They are running into mineral deficiencies. They are toxic and that’s something to consider.

Another thing to consider is when you are breastfeeding, even if you are on a raw food diet, the mother’s milk has toxins in it. It’s one of the most nourishing things that a baby can use for growth but there are toxins in there. When you take a kid off of breast milk and straight on the raw food diet, 100% raw food diet, they are pretty much eating vegetables and fruits without the toxins, which is a better diet in that sense, not in terms of nourishment but in terms of less toxicity and they are going to go through withdrawals from the toxins. So here they are. You’ve got to understand what is going on here and just be careful with this sort of thing.

So the question is, I am just trying to put this stuff out there. “Do you raise your child raw?” We are going to play intuitively.

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