Gardening Tips – 5 Amazing Gardening Tips To Make Heads Turn!

People who are passionate about gardening are always working hard to make their gardens look even better than before. Any type of garden is wonderful to look at or to stroll in and gardening is an equally pleasurable hobby practiced all over the world. As the weather changes during the fall season and we are about to experience the chill of the windy cold nights, there are many tasks that need to be completed in your garden to have them ready for the following season.

1. If you still can’t spot any frost in your garden yet, it may just be the right time to start planting few flowers, trees and shrubs. In case your garden bears a quite forlorn look post the blooming season, follow the following tips and your garden will remain full of life the entire year.

2. Gardens that are looking a little bare right now only require some mums and pansies to smarten things up. You can take assistance of some modern annuals that will have plants blooming until frost in your garden. As mentioned earlier, fall is also the most appropriate time to plant perennials, shrubs, trees and spring bulbs. Among these varieties, the trees and shrubs must be in place by the early fall to help them acclimatize before the winters onslaught.

Some plant species that can withstand the cold winter season are deciduous shrubs, crabapple trees, honey locust and hawthorn. Birch, willows and oak are the tree types that must either be planted in early spring or early fall.

3. People that get bored with the same look of their gardens can look for new designer avenues during the fall as it is the best time to dig out plants and move them to different places in the garden. If deciduous trees or shrubs are also in your shifting plan, you must pay heed to the following points.

4. In order to maintain stable growth in your garden, it is advisable to spare trees and shrubs the move until the fall season. You can go about transplantation of trees during their dormant phase, which normally starts from fall and lasts until early spring. You must take good care while moving the trees as their root balls are usually pretty heavy and would require external help.

Also be sure to have the new location of the tree properly dug up before hand so that the tree can be directly placed there without any delay. The shrubs are also moved the same way as trees. You’ll be amazed to see the difference that such movements can bring about to the visual appeal of your gardens.

5. There is a separate set of instructions to be followed while you are planning a similar move for the perennials. This is due to their different growing and dormancy seasons. The right time to move the herbaceous plants or the woody perennials that are not produced out of bulbs, tubes or corns, is the early spring when one starts noticing fresh growth. There are a few other types of shrubs that should ideally be moved prior to the new growth. In case you are unsure about all such details, you can have them from your nearest gardening center.

If followed well, all the above-mentioned gardening tips will ensure that your gardens sport that prized look throughout the year.

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