Garden Maintenance – An Introduction

Along with the lovely summer weather comes many outdoor jobs that have to be done. It takes a lot of effort to keep your lawn and the exterior of your home looking perfect. Some things can be done seasonally, but many jobs need to be done on a weekly schedule.

Your landscaping is one thing that requires constant care to look it’s best. If winter wasn’t good to your lawn, you can plant grass seed to cover bare spots. Fertilizing your lawn will replace nutrients in the soil that winter freezes have destroyed and give you a thicker lawn.

Having flower beds in your garden can increase the desirability of your house. But, they also produce places where weedeaters often can’t be put to use. The addition of landscaping pebbles will eliminate the time that you’ll need to spend weeding. They can also add a professional look to the edge of your lawn and can be purchased in various colors.

The wood on your deck can take a beating throughout the winter months. The action of snow melt, freezing and thawing can quickly attack the woods surface. Completely cleaning the wood and resealing will prevent it from rotting and requiring replacement. A little effort now can save you from increased work in the future.

Every lighting fixture in your yard needs to be cleaned a minimum of once a year. Even if you’ve installed low maintenance solar lights, you should still take off all of the covers and clean them with soapy water. Glass globes or plastic covers that are dirty will cause your outside lighting to be dimmed.

It’s a necessity to check the exterior of your house for cracks or loose siding that will permit the wet to ingress and cause rotting. Siding that has started to mold or mildew can often be cleaned with soap and water using brushes. But, for stubborn stains you will need to purchase proprietary cleaners.

If you are a swimming pool owner the water should be tested each 7 days. Maintaining the chemical balance in the pool at the recommended level will maintain the water bacteria free and safe for your family. And, the summer heat will cause the bacteria and germs to grow faster so don’t miss this task.

There are always lots of outdoor chores that need to be done during the whole of the summer. But, with some planning you can still make the time to do the jobs that you want to achieve while the weather is good. Allowing your outdoor jobs to go for too long, can finish up making the task longer than it needs to be.

Some of the larger jobs like replacing swimming pool liners are best carried out at the beginning of the outdoor season. Same goes for replacing more expensive items likearea rugs for your deck. Sooner done more money saved

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