Front Porch Decorating: 7 Easy Tips To Professional Decor

Front porch decorating gives passers-by and visitors a glimpse into your home and lifestyle. Is your home formal and elegant? Relaxed and casual? Colorful? Fun?

Your front porch is merely an extension of your home interior. The same design principles apply to all home areas, outside or in. Create an oasis of calm and serenity where friends and family will look forward to relaxing and sharing quality time together.

Here are 7 tips for some easy front porch decorating projects:

Color adds life and energy to your front porch decorating style

By coordinating your linens and accessories with a great color scheme, you can bring your front porch decorating to a professional level. Color, pattern and texture can be brought into your decor to keep it fresh and interesting. Use cushions or pillows on your furniture for another splash of color.

A colorful and decorated front door is a great welcome sign

A beautifully decorated front door is like a huge welcome sign. It is a preview of what’s inside and a window into the character of your home

Choose front porch furniture carefully

When choosing porch furniture, consider the weatherproofing qualities of your choice. Although bentwood and wicker furniture are the perennial favorites, composite materials are quickly overtaking these materials. With advances in synthetic materials, it’s difficult to tell if furniture is real wicker or a composite.

A classic porch swing always adds to the romantic ambiance of a front porch.

Mixing and matching second hand furniture on your front porch

If you have yard sale and second hand furniture of all types on your front porch, consider coordinating all pieces by spray painting them with one or two matching colors. In this way you can create a decorator look using only your time and staying within your budget.

Art can also enhance your front porch decor

Because the porch is outside, don’t think you have to live without art. The outside walls of the house make a great place for an art gallery. It is usually sheltered and so you can use this as a display area.

Consider hanging mirrors on the house to reflect and accent a really great view.

If your front porch is exposed to the elements, tin signs, waterproof collectibles or slate paintings can be hung on the exterior house walls.

Sounds always add interest outside

When planning your front porch decorating, nothing comes close to the sound of running water to give a sense of peace and relaxation. Consider adding a tabletop or floor water fountain to your front porch decor to relieve stress and help you unwind after a long day.

There are wind chimes available to please every ear. Go to your garden center or home improvement store and try many of them to get the sound you enjoy.

Sea waves, bird calls, rain can all be pleasant ways to drown out traffic and lawnmowers. Add a white noise machine to help you relax on your front porch.

Don’t forget lighting when decorating your front porch

Informal chandeliers can be hung from the porch roof and wall scones can be installed on the exterior walls. If this is one of the things you are considering, be sure to include dimmers in your installation plans.

Along with sconces and table lights, candles always add to the front porch ambiance. If insects are a problem, use citronella candles to keep them away.

What’s Your Vision for Your Front Porch?

Don’t ignore your porch because it’s outside your home. Think of it as an outside room and become inspired to do some quick decorating projects.

Your porch can be anything you want it to be. Use your imagination to come up with some ideas that go with your vision; fun, formal, peaceful or a gathering place. Make your porch into your own relaxing escape area.

Make your porch useful and used by following your thoughts and ideas. The more you have a plan, the more you’ll find yourself using and enjoying your front porch.

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