Free Ideas on Indoor Houseplant Decoration

Little plastic bags are both easy and cheap to get and they can be used in many ways in indoor gardening. One can be filled with water and hung behind the stout stem of a foliage plant to hold cut flowers for their brief lives.

They can be used as a flower pot for a small plant when it is inserted with others in a larger community container. They can be used to line a container which is cracked or otherwise not waterproof. In every case they should be concealed, of course, and fortunately, because their cost is so little, there is nothing against cutting them down to hide the edges or making use of them for a brief period only and then throwing them away.

Little garden plants, the first snowdrops or primroses, can be dug from the garden and placed inside a plastic bag to be planted’ in a little plant arrangement as a reassurance of the coming of spring. When the plants have finished the plastic bags can be removed again and the bulbs replanted in the garden ready for flowering again next year, for their brief glory indoors will have clone them no significant harm.

Bulb flowers, in fact, are excellent means of decorating the home and at the same time bringing fascination as they grow and open. Methods of cultivation are discussed in another chapter, but it might be well here to discuss means of using them in the so-called ‘ pot-et-flour’ manner, combining flowers with foliage plants.

Often greater decorative value from a plant can be obtained by knocking it from its original pot and growing it inside a more decorative container. This way, too, two or more plants can be grown together, their different shapes, colours and textures creating a more striking visual pattern. But if you do this, if you grow several plants together in a single bowl, always make sure that their demands for water are similar.

It would be fatal, for example, to place cacti and cyperus in the same container, for the first should be grown almost dry while the second demands bog conditions.

Azalea Indica is a familiar Christmas houseplant that will make a wonderful addition to your indoor garden.

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