Frame it Right – Choosing that Perfect Frame for your Favorite Photograph

Many a times, we simply buy photo frames off-the-shelf without actually checking whether it fits in with the decor. Frame hunting might be a time consuming task but well worth the effort.

Recently, I went frame hunting to display my most cherished set of photographs, and to my surprise, it was quite a daunting task. From the galore of photo frames, I couldn’t decide on the right one. I was pretty sure of what I wanted. My photo frame should not be something boring and regular, but at the same time, I did not want to go overboard with the frame styles.

Choosing the right photo frame is certainly a time-consuming process. A thorough market research would give you a fair idea on what are the different options available. Photo frames come in various materials, like wood, leather, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, crystal, composite, and pewter. To top it all, they are available in every color and style imaginable.   

So, how does one decide on the right photo frame?

While on search for photo frames, it is important to keep in mind the décor and color scheme of the space, which you are planning to exhibit the photo. Look for a frame that blends well with the overall theme and immediate setting of your picture. Not all  striking frames will contribute to the picture enhancement.

If your room is contemporary in style, you can go for dark colors and metal frames. For furniture with Victorian feel, wooden frames or gilded frames with an antique finish are the ideal choice. When in doubt, I would recommend leather or wooden frames. You simply can’t go wrong with those. They have a natural look and complement almost any kind of décor.

No matter what frame you use, make sure it highlights the photo and doesn’t divert one’s attention towards it. Ornate gilded or etched wooden frames are preferably used for black and white photographs and classic portraitures, because they give that classy touch.

It is also important to decide whether a photograph needs an additional border or if the frame alone would suffice. Sometimes, adding a border, matching or off-setting the background color of the photograph can enhance the overall impact.

Exclusively to decorate your little one’s bedroom, a wide variety of plastic frames in varied shapes and designs are available. They just add a lot of fun and liveliness to the space. Photo frames based on cartoon themes are the most sought-after options by children.

Glass and ceramic frames are my all-time favorite, because they usually complement most photographs and add luster to any setting. I wouldn’t prefer buying them as they are rather fragile around the edges and damage easily.

When it comes to photo framesComputer Technology Articles, “keeping it simple” is the winning mantra. A wrong frame can make an extraordinary photograph lifeless. Give it the right frame and make it a masterpiece.

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