Flower Gardens and Container Gardening

Sometimes space limitations make it necessary to adjust your gardening plans. Container gardening can be a great option in these situations. All you really need are some containers for your new garden, some suitable soil, and your favorite flowers,

Many people living in apartments love their container gardens because they are the only way they have to express their love of flowers. Even if you own huge tracts of land though, container gardening can be used to liven up dark corners where there is no soil. Container gardening also gives you the flexibility to move things around wherever you like them.

The flexibility of container gardening is a real plus. You can place any types of plants together without worrying about their soil preferences. Of course light preferences are still important, but with so much flexibility, you can change your planting arrangements several times a day if you wish.

As long as their is no concern about what was previously held in the container, you can use just about anything as a container for your garden. I’ve let my kids decorate all kinds of cheap flower pots that were bought for almost nothing at flea markets and yard sales. Your imagination is your only limit.

You can find many unusual potential containers for your garden once you start looking around. I’ve never had any problems with unusual containers when growing flowers. You might want to give it a shot for a different look.

I don’t use soil from the ground in my containers because we have a lot of clay in our area. Pretty much any decent potting soil will do fine unless your flowers have specific needs. I’ve always mixed the soil with some peat moss and vermiculite and it works great.

Flower gardens in containers are great, but you can also grow just about any type of plant in them. Fruits and vegetable do fine if the container is large enough. Once you let your imagination start up, you’ll be surprised at what you think to put in your container garden.

You can mix and match what your garden looks like every day when you take up container gardening. With such a variety of shapes and sizes to work with, containers can be placed just about anywhere you think some flowers would go well.

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