Flokati Rugs: Greek History

Flokati rugs have a rich history. Long before it became the area rug we know today, they were essential piece of clothing for travelers, warriors and shepherds in ancient Greece during long winter seasons. From protection from the cold, they became an indoor home accessory. A Flokati was a sought-after present for men often given as part of a woman’s dowry for marriage. Its popularity has been carried on for years, until today.

Greece still boasts of producing the most Flokati rugs worldwide. Some have been made the old-fashioned way – through water ripening technique used in ancient times when the rug makers toiled hard to present courageous men the perfect gift and women the best floor covering for their homes. This technique consists of washing it in fast flowing water. The image reminds me of our washing machines of today without the circular motion and the whirring sound. The wool then comes out soft and durable. They are generally produced by the meticulous work of the hand in knotting the wool through a thick backing material or woven wool.

These rugs can suit anyone’s taste as they come in many different styles of strands or knots. There is also a variety of colors, which have now evolved to bolder colors like fuchsia.

The best part is that it gives you the maximum benefits of its wool material and the backing that it was made from. This gives you a quality rug that can humidify an otherwise arid room, as well as dry a humid or moist room. You don’t only have a great-looking rug with an interesting history to back it up, but you also have a useful piece of decor that goes beyond providing aesthetic appeal to your home.

Another aspect that ties in with the fabric the Flokati is made out of is the resistance to conduct or store static electricity. This means that they can be kept close to electrical appliances such as computers and televisions.

That being said, all that’s left to do is to go out and buy one! Remember, their traditional colors are earth tones – these include white, browns, etc.; all the colors that make ideal design basics. Just take care when trying to use this rug as a focal point as the authentic Flokati rugs seldom have any type of elaborate design on them (and will therefore make the perfect accessory to a different focal point). Other than that, the sky’s the limit, with more and more colors added every day for different lengths of knots.

Keep up to date with rug decorating trends and enhance your home with authentic Greek flokati area rugs.

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