Five Great Uses For A Potting Table

As every experienced gardener knows, a potting table is an essential part of successful gardening. For those who are not gardeners, or tried it for a while and now have a potting table sitting unused in the backyard, here are some other ideas to put your potting table to use:

1. A potting table is a great catchall for kid stuff. This includes wet towels, flip-flops, caps, and just about any type of kid thing you think of. If you child likes to catch bugs and put them in a jar, a potting table is a great place to keep the jar without bringing it into the house.

2. An indoor decorating element. An unused potting table can be cleaned, sanded or painted, and brought indoors. A potting table can be put in a living room or great room. It is a great place to put family picture frames, potted plants, lamps and other decorative elements. If you are painting your potting table before bringing it inside, you can find a paint the matches your decor. A potting table is also a great piece to put into a child’s bedroom. Let your child help with painting it first. He or she can put their handprints on it, paint their name, or do just about anything they want to decorate it to their tastes. In a bedroom, a potting table is a great place to store books, toys, and just about anything else.

3. Put a potting table in your garage to hold your tools. Let’s face it, many people have cluttered garages. A potting table, especially one with shelves and drawers, is great for storing tools, buckets, hoses, oil and gasoline cans, gloves, and just about anything else that you find in a garage.

4. A potting table in the garden. Yes, that is what a potting table is for but it doesn’t have to be used for gardening. You can use it to show off your collection of blooming flowers. A table laden with lots of colorful flowers is a great sight to behold. If you don’t have a green thumb, a collection of artificial flowers can add a burst of color to your outdoor area (and most people probably won’t notice that they aren’t real).

5. Put a potting table in your kitchen. A reused potting table is an ideal place to hold a microwave, dinner plates, or even cans of soup. There are more uses for a potting table in a kitchen than could be listed here. If you have an empty spot in your kitchen, consider a potting table. You may even want to buy a new potting table for this exact reason. A potting table can often be purchased at a lower price than a standard kitchen shelving unit.

Before you throw out that unused potting table, consider reusing it in one of these five ways. Buying a brand new potting table is also an inexpensive way to add storage inside. With an uncertain economy, reuse is the buzz word of today. A potting table is a great solution to your decor and storage needs.

Todd Arend is a freelance writing professional whose expertise covers a variety of areas, including patio and backyard furniture, landscaping and design. He regularly writes about Potting Tables and Outdoor Furniture.

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