Five Fantastic Gift Ideas for Housewarming

It’s not always easy to find good gifts ideas for housewarming presents.As people move more often,its rare to attend a housewarming party for an actual first time home owner. First time buyers need everything so buying for them is a breeze and good gift ideas are easy to come by.However,for those moving into their second or even third location,finding the perfect gift idea can be a challenge,

A bottle of wine picked up at the supermarket’s wine section seems a little impersonal. And it can be hard to know what a person actually needs for their home. But it is hard to go wrong getting something fun, whimsical, or unexpectedly-practical gifts that someone would never buy for themselves. That is the fun part of buying gifts for someone else. The problem is coming up with the different gift ideas for them in the first place.

Fortunately, there are websites that offer “gifts that give back” that can provide a wide array of creative housewarming gift ideas as well as an opportunity to help a cause that might be important to the new homeowners.

The gifts give back by donating a portion of their purchase price — as much as 20% — to any US nonprofit, charitable organization, or advocacy group that qualifies as a 501c3. The net result is also that the donations are tax deductible on that year’s returns.

If the hosts are actually first time homeowners, the best gift idea might be something that would help them entertain in their new home. These “gifts that give back” websites offer a number of outstanding products ranging from dinnerware and flatware to bar and wine accessories. Perhaps some fine table linens would be in order, or maybe a set of stemware that could be used to offer a toast to the new home.

If the new home owners live in a warmer climate, go to sporting events, or do outdoor entertaining, there are some ideal gift ideas for those folks as well. Whether it is some barbecue accessories, tailgating gear, or a cooler that will keep beverages ice cold, there are plenty of gift ideas on these gift-giving websites.

Of course, home decor is always a great gift idea for a housewarming. Whether it is their first home, or just one more stop on the real estate train of life, nobody ever has enough nice picture frames. There are elegant gift ideas on the gift websites the home owners will be sure to treasure. More gift ideas include a nice lamp or lighting accessories that will go with a variety of decors, as well as many other decorative items that fit a wide array of tastes.

Another item home owners never have enough of are holiday decorations, and now is a good time to buy, especially since the holidays are over (think post-holiday discounts!). It is possible to find many different gift ideas that are great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, and the New Year, when many new homeowners are opening up their homes to family and friends.

Of course, it is possible to have too many gift ideas to choose from. Some of the gift-giving websites also offer gift cards that can be redeemed by the new home owners for whatever they might need.

There are more than 1.2 million charitable organizations that can be supported through these gift-giving websites. And by purchasing one of these gifts, and making the donation in the new home owners’ names, it is possible to give them two gifts at once: the beautiful house warming gift, as well as a tax deductible donation to their favorite nonprofit or charitable organization.

Anyone looking for tasteful and high quality gift ideas should consider a charitable gift giving website for items for their friends to help warm their house.

Gifts that Give is an organization that allows shoppers not only to fing great gift ideas and purchase high quality gifts for their friends and loved ones, but also gives them the opportunity to select a charitable cause to support. Gifts that Give donates one dollar for every five spent by the customer and gifts are tax deductible.

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