Feng Shui Decor With a Ying and Yang Balance

People use feng shui decor suggestions to improve the energy in their homes and offices. The goal is to increase the flow of the positive energy and to eliminate or suppress the negative energy.

There are several different schools of feng shui, and each of them has their own way to determine between the good and bad, and controlling them. We believe that this ancient Chinese science is much more intuitive than a set of strict rules proposed by any school or direction. To achieve the balance in your home, you merely need to learn to distinguish between the Ying and Yang energies, and learn to balance these two in your premises as needed.

Ying is the calm, relaxing and passive energy. It embraces dark colors, heavy scents, low furniture, upholstered seats, comfort and coziness. An example of a perfect Ying place would be a secluded ancient castle with a resting room in dark colors, with thick curtains and carpets, dim light, numerous comfortable pillows, and heavy incense.

Yang is moving, agitating and active energy. It embraces light and bright colors, airy aromas, high vertical wardrobes, rigid seats, energy and restlessness. An example of a perfect Yang place is a penthouse in a modern skyscraper, with huge open windows, modern decor with lots of glass and shiny metal, and a light aroma of expensive perfume in the air.

As you can see, these two opposite types of feng shui decor can help you achieve different feels in your rooms. Feng shui typically does not recommend resorting solely to one or the other type of energy. Each room may have both types of energy present, one of which will be more pronounced than the other.

The kitchens and family rooms typically have more of the active than the calm energy. This can be achieved by employing vibrant colors, high tech appliances and media, and large plants. Yet, it’s also recommended to add some of the calmer energy by using comfortable seating and small accessories made in deep dark colors.

The bedroom, on the other hand, features the Ying energy for the most part. Therefore, it is advised to remove any equipment from the bedroom and use soft furniture with rounded corners. Many people don’t like their bedroom made up of dark Ying colors, and use bright colors instead. It’s all about personal preferences and harmony for each individual.

The feng shui decor uses colors, shapes, and materials to achieve a certain feel in each room, as well as outdoors. There are dark and bright colors, deep and pastel tones, sharp-edged and rounded furniture and accessories, etc. The objects can be made of wood, metal, stone, other materials, and combinations thereof. Any modern accessory or furniture item can combine the Ying and Yang energies in it.

You simply need to learn to feel your surroundings, and intuitively determine whether you will benefit from adding more Yang or Ying to this particular room or part of your outdoors. Feng shui is all about developing a feel for your surroundings and learning to improve them naturally.

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