Fancy Birdhouses – A Look At Some Unique Birdhouse Designs

One of the more popular ways to add to the attractiveness of your back yard is to provide a habitat that draws in your bird population. Birds are a delightful member of your “estate” adding not only a pleasing visual improvement, but the wonderful sounds that accompany many bird species.

But the story is incomplete unless we recognize that putting a birdhouse in the backyard also allows for flights of fancy as well. These are miniature houses, and generally the birds are indifferent to the exterior of the house, so it provides a great opportunity to add a twist that reflects the personality of the owner of the property.

This personal expression can take on an incredible range of options. Here are just a few ideas that you can find:

Church Birdhouses – These capture a variety of houses of worship. From the old traditions of the Byzantine eastern Christianity, to the stately Notre Dame, or a Gothic look, or to the simple country chapel, there is a church birdhouse design to fit your tastes.

Victorian Mansion – Reflecting the best the era had to offer, this can be found in multistory designs, with the size and presence you would expect from a mansion.

Log Cabin Designs – Echoing the architecture of the early settlers, you can find these made from traditional woods like fir, or more contemporary choices like bamboo.

Stained Glass Birdhouses – One of my favorites, these are often simple designs, but have sides fashioned with stained glass that will capture are reflect the sun and add a visual appeal that is larger than the house itself.

Face Birdhouses – A recently popular type of house, these are shaped like an A frame, but the front surface is a face made from a resin form. The faces available include a popular cat, where the bird hole is the mouth, along with a pirate face, or a frog, a tree leaf, or a deer with antlers.

Painted Birdhouses – By simply adding a design with paint, the choices are endless. You can create almost any desired look with paint, and these tend to be relatively inexpensive as well.

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