Everything You Need to Know About Curtaining Your Doorways

Door curtains aren’t just ornamental, they also offer practical uses for property owners. Door curtains can be designed so that they provide privacy and also insulation – both keeping the warmth in during the winter and in the summer keeping the excess heat out. They provide privacy and add an interesting focus to your decor, and can be utilized on front doors, internal doors, and French doors.

Door curtains have been an interior decor feature since the beginning of the 19th century. Back then it was a means of including opulence and drama to a room or hallway. Whilst style is still an important element of the door drapes of today, they are utilised for more practical reasons as well such as to block out sound, give privacy and minimize heat loss through doors.

The choice is endless for door curtain designs. For glass doors, choosing a fabric which isn’t see through will provide privacy and help to protect your home, whilst also providing insulation properties. These types of curtains are ideal for bedrooms and other rooms where it is necessary to block out light and have privacy. For other rooms where blocking the light out is not such an issue, such as the kitchen or living rooms, semi transparent curtains can offer an ornamental finish to door ways but still supply a degree of privacy.

Door curtains may also be used on cupboards and closets as a way of concealing the contents from view. This furnishing solution is popular in bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as for those who rent their house and don’t wish to shell out heavily in changing the style of the interior decor but still require functionality. There are alternatives to fabric door curtains, more recently string curtains have experienced a revival which could give a modern day touch to an room.

For back doors which may be left open when the weather is nice, door curtains which jangle when a person walks through them are useful in warning the occupants they’ve company. Door curtains can also be used for keeping the insects out when the door is open, generally these would be made from beads or ribbons.

For fun party decor, temporary door curtains made from coloured or metallic streamers or beading can add to the party atmosphere. They give a bit of suspense for your entering guests, along with marking the area of the party space. These party door curtains call for almost no DIY expertise as they are quick and easy to put up and take down.

When opting for a traditional fabric door curtain there is a great range of fabrics to choose from. Your selection will be limited by the fact that the door curtain needs to work well with any existing decor plus be practical. Every now and then the fabric will have to be washed or dry cleaned. Pick a fabric which will not fade quickly. Red is the colour most prone to being stripped by the sun, whilst blues last longer. Also take into account the amount of light you want the drapes to let into the room. With all these factors to consider you’ll be on the right road to choosing the best option for your interior decor.

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