Essential Summer Jobs For Outside The Home

While summer time is a time of outside fun, it’s also a time for outdoor jobs. Seems like there’s a long list of things that need to be done in your garden. And, many are tasks that have to be repeated, over and over all summer.

You particularly have to work on your lawn consistently to keep it looking nice. If you’ve had a harsh winter, there may be patches that need to be re-sown with grass seed. Using a good fertilizer can help your grass grow thick and healthy. And, weed killers can give your grass a manicured look.

If you have a number of flower beds, then you probably spend a good amount of time weeding them. One way to cut down on the weeding is to add wood chips around the flowers. Plastic sheets can also be employed to keep weeds from growing around your plants and will help keep the water in the soil and cut down on watering time.

Your decking is an extra thing that the winter months aren’t commonly too good for. The wood can look faded and dried out and may require resealing with a good moisture proof sealer. Any crevices or cracks should be checked for leaves or debris that can hold moisture and cause the decking to rot.

Solar lights are basically care free additions to your yard. The only looking after they need is an occasional cleaning. Light coverings should be taken off and cleaned to remove dirt and dust. And, any debris should be cleaned off.

With all of the other outdoor jobs that must be carried out, the exterior of your house sometimes gets missed. A visual inspection must be performed to look for wobbly boards, siding or bricks. Rain will seep behind any exposed places and will rapidly cause your foundations to deteriorate so this is essential work.

If you have a swimming pool the water must be tested weekly. Keeping the balance of chemicals in the pool at the recommended level will maintain the water free of bacteria and clean for your family. And, the heat of the summer will make the bacteria and germs to incubate so don’t miss this job.

Keeping your outside jobs done on a regular basis can actually save you time in the long run. There’re also numerous ways to eliminate some jobs, like installing automatic sprinklers. And, the less work that you have to carry out, the more time you can spend participating in your most loved summer activities.

If you own an above ground pool try replacing the pool liner early in season. If you discover a rip later, you’ll need to replace it immediately and ensure you prepare your pool for winter.

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