Essential Power Equipment For The Avid Gardener

At its most basic, gardening doesn’t need sophisticated power equipment. However, since landscaping has become so important to the worth of real estate and the average homeowner just can’t afford to dedicate long hours cutting, trimming or pruning, it needs the aid of modern technology.

Gardening equipment is a broad term and covers a vast range of tools, not just lawnmowers and power equipment. There are trimmers, blowers, pressure sprayers and many more to make even once tough tasks a lot easier. Just check out this quick list of essential equipment to appreciate how gardening has become stress free.

Lawnmower: It deserves mention for being one of the most enduring pieces of equipment in modern gardening technology. There’s the rotary push mower, ride-on mower, robotic mower and hover mower to name a few. The last two are based on the latest technology while the first two are more traditional but still widely used and a necessary addition to many gardeners’ power toolbox.

For your information, rotary mowers have horizontally spinning blades that cut grass and suck it out. It’s a simple design that’s proven to be very effective and an ideal piece of equipment for people who can’t afford the more sophisticated types like the ride-on mower. Large, powerful and suitable for lawns with few obstacles, ride-on mowers are not for people who love intricate landscaping as they can’t handle obstacles. Nevertheless, large expanses of grass are trimmed very efficiently and if you have a vast lawn with minimal obstacles, this is the mower to get.

Robotic mowers, meanwhile, work like robotic vacuum cleaners. Sensors and programmability allow them to work with minimal human interference. As for hover mowers, air is driven downwards to create an air cushion that lets the machine hover or float above the ground. Since there are no wheels, the machine can be used on tricky terrain and areas difficult to mow with other types of mowers.

Blower: You need a leaf blower to move light yard debris instead of using a rake which is comparatively inefficient. If the machine has a sucking feature like a vacuum cleaner, it’s called a blower vac. Light-duty models are what homeowners can ideally buy as they’re powerful enough for yard usage. They’re easy to carry too. A backpack model is perfect for women and the elderly as they don’t strain the body.

String trimmer/brush cutter: String trimmers substitute blades for monofilament lines which become sharp components as they’re turned. Unlike mowers, they’re used for detailed work such as defining edges by weeding and trimming. Though not a standard piece of equipment they nonetheless must be part of your gardening equipment arsenal if a manicured lawn is what you want.

Chainsaw: Mainly used by tree surgeons and loggers, you can still benefit from purchasing a chainsaw for home use. Cordless chainsaws and consumer saws are ideal as they’re lightweight and powerful enough for ordinary gardening and the occasional landscaping.

These four pieces of equipment are enough to let you maintain a well-kept garden without breaking your back. Other tools of the trade are manual and if you’re on the lookout for power equipment, you undoubtedly already possess the rest. Combined with these essential machines, you’re on your way to being the proud owner of a landscaped yard that your neighbors will envy.

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