Enjoying The Beauty Of The Flowers Of Thailand

Thailand is just one of the countries that are blessed with natural abundance of flowers. This, along with the preservation efforts exerted by the Royal Family make it possible for younger Thais to see and enjoy the beauty of their country’s rich flora.

Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra, The Princess Mother led the country in the preservation of its native flora. Her fascination with some of Europe’s most beautiful flowers also led to the introduction of Western flowers in the country. At present, it is not surprising that retail and online florists offer flower arrangements with mixed native and Western flowers included.

Princess Srinagindara was an active promoter of environmental conservation during her life. She uniquely embedded her love for flowers in most of the projects that she spearheaded. Her prominence in Thai history is always highlighted by her brainchild project – the creation of numerous flower gardens, of which the Doi Tung is one of the most popular.

The Doi Tung Flower Gardens was a part of a development project that aimed to convert the opium plantations into an area that would later be rich with flowers as cash crops. The project was also successful not only in terms of growing flowers, but also in terms of changing the lives of the opium users in the area. The Princess Mother successfully initiated a rehabilitation project that cleansed the residents of their bad opium habits. The project was inclusive of a livelihood project that capitalized on the profitability of flowers. The residents were taught of different methods of earning using flowers such as culture, hybrid, and arrangement of flowers.

Even after her death, the efforts of Princess Srinagindara are still highly remembered. Proof of this is the continuous development of Doi Tung Flower Gardens as a tourist spot. The conversion of other lands in to flower gardens is also an evidence that the seeds of flower conservation she panted has grown and has been nurtured in the hearts and minds of the Thais.

Visiting the flower gardens in different parts of Thailand will allow you to enjoy the floral beauty exhibited by nature. Let your eyes feast with a multi-coloured sight of various flowers in different sizes and architecture. Let your nose have its indulgence on the sweetest fragrance of the blooms as you let your fingers touch their petals.

Have your loved ones experience the beauty of Thailand’s different flowers. Send them different flower arrangements depending on the purpose, occasion, or your relationship with them. Online Thai florists are awaiting for your orders to be placed and processed for a timely delivery anywhere in Thailand.

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