Enhance Home Playground Safety With Patio Shades

Summer time is when kids like to go outside and play. Some kids restrict themselves to the front or backyard area, engaging in simple sports. Other kids are lucky enough to have a pool area where they can swim or play with pool toys. These activities are not without some dangers, notably skin-damaging sun light that can have both short term and long term consequences.

The immediate consequences of excess sunlight is the classic sun burn that happens on the shoulder, arms, neck and other exposed areas of skin. The long term consequences of too much sun has been shown rather convincingly to result in increased risk for skin-related cancers. Both of these are preventable problems.

Part of the answer lies in ensuring adequate cover such as hats, long-sleeved shirts, or sun block. However, another method is to install patio shades for the house. These exterior patio shades are fixed and permanent, for the times when the kids just forget to put on the hat or sun block. Outdoor shades have another benefit in that they add value to the home.

Many people know indoor shades such as bamboo roll up blinds. Three kinds of outdoor shades are covered here: the awning, the outdoor pergola and the tent canopy.

A canopy can be thought of as a fancy term for an oversized tent. The archetypal configuration is a large self-supporting metal frame draped with a heavy section of shade material. It is important to shade out solar radiation coming from the top so there is always a shade material roof. On the other hand, putting up shade material for the side-walls is not vital, according to whether one is interested in privacy or better aeration in the canopy. If sized small enough, it can fit on a deck where it becomes known as a deck canopy.

Awnings are exterior shades that are attached to a building structure, the installation point usually being atop a door or a window. In contrast to retail establishment awnings, the ones for houses are built for entertainment and comfort of customers. The most recent kind is the retractable model.

A pergola is simple exterior shade made of wood that stands on four or more posts in a rectangular configuration. Instead of supporting shade cloth, it holds wood bars that give partial shading and some sunlight. A related outdoor shade to the pergola is the garden arbor. The arbor is smaller in size, much simpler in construction, but cannot shade many people at once. In recent times it’s largely a decorative element of the garden.

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