Elements of a Great Yard

I had watched landscape shows for a couple of years and bought the landscape software determined to get my yard in shape. Yet it wasnt until I got married two years ago that I really got motivated. My wife and I decided we would rather spend the extra money we had on creating a nice space in the yard than going out to eat and movies.

We cut back considerably and saved enough money to hire a landscape design firm that helped us get some good ideas. They knew we only wanted their help with ideas and that we wanted something we could feasibly do together with family and friends. My brother-in-law suggested this and I cant tell you how glad we were once we did the consult!

In the beginning of the process he just listened to what we wanted when it was completed and designed a yard that had everything we had asked for. The stone patio was the most difficult but we pulled it off with a couple of days of help from some friends. Other than needing quite a bit of help with this we did everything else ourselves.

We had looked at some of the things we would like to incorporate into the yard and he came back with a great idea, find them in kit form; so we did. What we didnt realize is all but one of the ones we loved were in kit form already so the only one we had to find that wasnt was a pergola. The arbor and garden furniture all came ready to put together and install.

Its amazing how many options there are for flowerbeds. We went with raised garden beds for a couple of reasons; they can be put anywhere and theyre really pretty and easy to care for. The plus was they also came in kit form and was a breeze to put together.

Im no different from most guys; I like the shed and the grill. I can mow the yard and congratulate myself on a job well done with a grilled steak and a beer, not necessarily in that order. My wife loves the garden and all the ornaments and garden dcor she has bought for it all.

Once we were finished, the only thing we didnt get was a greenhouse, which we were hoping to be able to purchase but came up a little short and decided that we would wait until next year. Then we got a delivery call and it was the EasyGrow 6 x 8 Greenhouse that we had wanted. Needless to say, we were thrilled!

I now look out over our beautiful yard at the flowers and vines crawling up the trellises, the beds starting to bloom and vegetables peeking trough the soils and realize what a great yard I have; one to be extremely proud of and we did the majority of it ourselves. Now all we have to do is enjoy it!

You will be the talk of the neighborhood with some beautiful raised garden beds and some wonderful garden decor.

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