Effective Protection and Pest Control in a Vegetable Patch

If you catch the pests early while there are only a few, you can just
kill them by rinsing them off with water from a hose.  However, if
there are tons of bugs on your vegetable plants, you will have to take
more drastic methods. 

Insecticidal soap is great for killing
vegetable pests. Another safe insecticide is neem oil, which is made of
vegetable oil.  Neem oil is an organic product that repels bugs like
aphids, beetles, caterpillars, and thrips. Using horticulture oil spray
is a well known way to kill bug pests.

More tips for eradicating pests

netting, horticultural fleece and collars to keep vegetable fly, leek
moth and cabbage fly away from your vegetable patch. Spraying with an
infusion of horsetail (Equisetum arvense) helps to prevent fungal infections.

boil up two dessert spoons of the dried weed in two litres of water,
leave to infuse for 15 minutes, cool, then strain. Every two or three
weeks, on a sunny morning, spray the infusion over the plant and the

If you grow vegetables in the same position year after year,
certain pests and diseases will be quick to establish themselves, lying
dormant in the soil between growing seasons. You can prevent this by
rotating crops in the vegetable patch.

Choose pest-resistant cultivars

soil conditions and a liberal supply of nutrients, water, light and air
are important for healthy plant growth. The choice of varieties also
has a crucial influence on whether or not your vegetables will be
attacked by pests.

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