Easy To Make Rustic Wood Signs – Aging New Wood To Barnwood (DIY)

Easy To Make Rustic Wood Signs – Aging New Wood To Barnwood (DIY)

Make cute wood signs for your parties. Learn how to make easy DIY rustic pallet wood directional signs for parties, weddings, & other themed events. These easy to construct and hand paint wood signs can be made pretty quickly using fence boards, pickets, or other scrap pallet boards. They can be painted to create a vintage distressed looking old sign. Join us as we share how to make an easy to do project that will make your party, picnic, wedding, BBQ, or any other themed event impressionable and memorable. These special personalized and custom signs will help your friends and neighborhood remember your party for a long time. If you are a wedding planner or a real estate agent you will get everyone’s attention and impress them with these cute and darling little details.

To make these DIY directional arrow signs we used cedar wood planks or old pallet wood and cut them down to size. Then aged them with a diluted water based latex paint but you can also use spray paint. We transferred the letters to the sign using an overhead projector and then painted the letters by hand. The letters can also be hand carved or use stencils. You can also use the vinegar and steel wool method to age the wood before painting the text. You can use stakes or little stands for the signs. The theme we used for this example is a rustic Hillbilly country style party.

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Aging Wood: Vinegar & Steel Wool Solution

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Learn how to make signs that will point your guests in the right direction through any birthday parties, sweet sixteen Corporate Events, back yard BBQ, Pool Parties, Christmas, Halloween Decor, & other Holiday, Receptions, Save the date, garden, office, indoor or outdoor.


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