Easy Tips in Taking Care of Flowers at Home


Many homeowners prefer decorating their houses with plastic flowers.
They’re low-cost and low-maintenance, plus they will definitely last a
long time. Some plastic flowers look like the real thing but most of
them just look like cheap imitations—admit it, if you got them for
P200 at some department store sale, you can’t expect much.On
the other hand, some homeowners prefer growing real flowers in their
homes instead if settling for plastic ones. Real flowers give the house
a more natural and personal ambiance which is rarely achieved with
plastic imitations. Besides that, flowers absorb carbon dioxide in the
air to produce oxygen, thereby cleaning the air in your home. Growing
flowers might take a lot of effort but at the end of the day, when you
look at them sitting prettily on the windowsill or giving a touch of
class on your dining table, it’s worth the time.Taking care of
flowers at home shouldn’t be too hard if you know the proper way to do
it. Here are some tips to help you with caring for your houseplants:1. Water them daily.
Make sure not to make the soil soggy by moderating the amount of water,
waiting for it to absorb and filter out at the bottom of the pot (pots
usually have holes for this) to the sink, saucer or bucket.
Over-watering plants may kill them. Some signs of over-watering are
yellowing leaves that eventually fall off, wilting, stunted growth and
mold growing in the plant. When you see these signs, immediately reduce
the water you pour in.2. Lighting. Some flowering plants
require bright, medium or low lighting, Make sure to research the light
requirements of your plant in order to maximize their growth.3. Sunlight.
Depending on the type of flowering plant you have in your home, their
required exposure to sunlight can be four up to eight hours a day. For
more sensitive plants, don’t put them in direct sunlight. They would do
well in the shade.4. Remove dead flowers and leaves. Doing this will prevent your flowers from rotting or disease. Also, pests will not be attracted to the plant. 5. Wipe the leaves with soft, damp cloth.
Your flowering plant will look shinier and healthier with this step.
Accumulated dust can make your flower look dirty and ill-kept. Keep these tips in mind and your flower will grow healthier and more beautiful.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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