Easy Spring Gardening Tips

Spring is a lively time of the year. With the sunlight streaming in and flowers blooming, everything is just wonderfully colorful and even fragrant. So, this spring, get your hands dirty in your garden and contribute. Make sure that every plant flourishes.

To help you out, here are a few spring gardening tips:

Take your gardening shears out and prune trees, especially fruit trees. Pruning trees during spring, just before new growth sprouts, will keep them healthy and encourage the production of fruits. Also, when the time comes to harvest the fruits of your labor literally, it’s going to be easier. Moreover, shrubs need trimming and pruning, too. Remove damaged and dead branches to protect the plant from diseases and encourage new growth. If you’re big on roses, give them special attention by trimming them before new growth crops up. It will encourage more blooms and make them stronger against diseases.

Rake off the mulch. Applying mulch is an excellent way to protect your plants during winter. But once spring sets in, you don’t need it anymore. Rake them off when the bone-chilling temperature of winter tones down. Do it as early as possible in spring.

Give your overgrown perennials air to breath. Perennials are often prolific, so it’s easy for them to crowd the area you’ve planted them in. During early spring, pull out your overgrown perennials and divide them. Plant them in different areas of your garden or hand them out to another plant-loving neighbor. It’s also an awesome chance to exchange your plant with a different one from your neighbor’s garden.

Keep an eye out for weeds. Weeding is an undesirable but necessary task. So, don’t put it off. Pull them out while they’re still little. Aside from being easy to pinch out of the soil bed, it keeps them from multiplying.

When planting new types or varieties, think outside the box when choosing containers. Instead of just using clay or plastic pots, think of unconventional things you can use as containers. Yes, it may sound quirky but it will give your garden a cool, creative vibe. If you’re lucky, you don’t even have to buy them. They’re probably just lying around your house waiting to be repurposed. For example, an unused metal tool tote. All you need to do is clean it up and drill some holes for draining water. It’s perfect for small perennials, low-growing shrubs, and ornamental cactus.

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