Easily Change Your Kitchen With Matching Grape Motif Accents

There is an array of products that can be matched together to greatly enhance the beauty or elegance of your kitchen’s decor. These also make excellent gift ideas.

For instance, the theme of grapes is an elegant one for many homeowners and their kitchens. Grapes symbolize nourishment–a fitting kitchen decor theme–as well as merry times (through their association with wine), royalty, and the flowering, life-giving months of the spring and summer.

On a more practical note, grape motifs typically have exquisite color themes for home and kitchen decor–and the ones available are no exception.

At Avendales, a grape wall clock made of gorgeous heavy wood and featuring quartz movement technology for time-keeping accuracy can be paired together with a set of elegant yet functional grape motif canisters, a two-piece stoneware grape motif dip chiller, a matching grape motif 14-ounce mug with its own matching coaster, and/or a matching set of easy to clean absorbent stone coasters in their own enchanting solid oak wood tray.

But there’s much more that can be mixed in your matching grape motif kitchen decor, too.

There is a grapes motif large durable glass cutting board available which comes in both a larger and a smaller size to fit your personal tastes or those of the person you’re giving them as a present to. A matching grapes motif glass lazy susan, 16 inches round and made of tempered glass, sits on a round spinner base for convenient 360° rotation.

Or perhaps you need or want something “grapey” in coffee or tea mugs and coasters. Avendales offers matching grape motif pairs featuring a 14-ounce mug and a stone coaster. And, you can also buy a set of four absorbent stone coasters that come in a beautifully hand-crafted solid oak wood tray that seamlessly combine beauty with functionality.

There is a matching grapes motif oil and vinegar bottle that could look enchanting next to the stove or used as a liquid soap dispenser at the kitchen sink. The perfect accent that can be added to the oil and vinegar bottle is the matching motif set of salt and pepper shakers.

And another item that would look exquisite next to the stove of a “grapey” kitchen are ceramic oversized spoon rests. At 3.5 by eleven inches, the spoon rests are perfectly functional and at once unobtrusive. An ideal companion to the spoon rests would be the matching motif grapes utensil caddy. Made of heavy ceramic, these caddies are built to last as well as look magnificent.

There are two different, beautiful grape motifs to choose from. In addition, there is a wine and cheese motif that can also be chosen as a variation on the grape theme. A wine and cheese motif set would make the perfect special occasion, holiday, or entertainment set to complement the regular grape motif.

But there are many other artistically rendered motifs available for kitchen decorators as well. You can have the same mixable, matchable kitchen decor merchandise in two different lighthouse motifs; a beach motif; a sailboat motif; motifs of blue butterflies, birds, and flowers; country motifs featuring chili peppers, roosters, the fleur-de-lis, and a few others; motifs for lovers of cats, dogs, or horses; and wildlife motifs featuring black bears, wolves, moose, loons, or a symbolic wilderness montage.

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