Do-It-Yourself wall decor ideas

Don’t have the money to hire an interior decorator to help you choose the best wall decor? Don’t worry; today with so many choices in colourful wall decal, wall decorative items and wall decoration crafts, do-it-yourself wall decor is easier than ever!

Some wall decor tips to follow:

Wall decals can be great when it comes to giving every room a unique personality. Today with homes becoming smaller than ever, every small inch counts. And the good thing about wall decal is that is can be used not only on walls but on any smooth surface, like say the refrigerator, old furniture and even doors and windows. So why not choose to ‘make’ a headboard for the simple wooden bed you have to give your master bedroom a truly rich look? Find a decal that is perfect as a headboard, and then stick it using a scale and some glue. However, if you want to truly transform the look of the room, why not use leaf wall decor above the bed, closer to the ceiling near windows as well? Not only will this transform a blank white wall and make it look like a focal point, it will also uplift your mood because you have found a way to bring the outdoors inside.

If you have a really large wall and buying artwork or wallpaper to cover it means spending a lot of money, why not use an innovative idea? Think of a design for wall decal that can be done in smaller patches and still create a visual impact. Choose smaller sizes – they are easier to apply and reposition and you can create attractive patterns using these. For example, a wall behind the contemporary sofa can be finished in square wall decals that use some accent colours and shows off the square patterned upholstery for the sofa as well. Or, if the room has only one main wall and that is punctured with many windows, use leaf wall decor on the windows to turn them in to artwork so that you don’t mind having no space to hang up artwork!

Application tips with wall decal:

Unlike wall decorative items and wall decorative crafts that can simply be hung from a nail in the wall, a wall decal is stuck to the surface. Therefore, you might need to understand how to go through the entire process for a smooth neat finish. Prep the wall by wiping it clean to remove any settled dust, so that the sticker has a clean smooth surface to stick on. In case you want to apply decal to old furniture, do the same. Place the decal with care. These are highly versatile and you can cut up a larger wall decal, like say a floral pattern or one with leaf wall decor, in to smaller pieces and apply it in a design of your own. This works very well on old furniture and can be a great way to update an old cot for a new baby. Always store the backing, so that you can remove the wall decal and use it elsewhere if you move homes or want to redo your wall decor.

Using wall decorative items that have been bought off the shelf will save you time and effort but will it really personalize your home? Try some innovative ideas with your wall decor that will truly reflect your personal style and make your home tell its own colour story.

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