DIY Worm Farming Tips

If you’re at all interested in becoming a fellow Greenie or you already are an official Greenie, Worm Farms are one of the most fantastic things to look into! Worms are often used in a process called vermicomposting which allows worms to recycle things such as newspapers, vegetable waste, cardboard, coffee and even egg shells. This process is a really unique one in the fact that the worms spend their entire lives eating the “trash” you give them and it’s not expensive at all! In fact buying the worms and all the materials to build a do it yourself worm farm costs little to nothing and you will be helping mother nature out!

After the worms eat the trash, what’s left is something called “casings” which is used as the safest source for fertilizer. Another really valuable product that is produced is something called leachate.

Worm Farms can be either bought at stores from $ 50-$ 150 or you could make one on your own which is also very cheap and really easy! Here are the following items you will need to make your very own worm farm from scratch!

– A plastic tub with a lid
– A pan for leachate runoff
– Spacers to place between the tub and the catchment pan

That’s about it! All you need to do after gathering those items is to drill several holes into the tub; this allows air to circulate and the holes on the bottom allow for draining. The above steps are known as the production of a home made Worm Bed. Here’s a tip I found on a website. If your worms are trying to escape from the tub then this merely means that something is wrong with your farm because worms don’t necessarily like the light. So, this could mean your farm is either too dry, too damp or too acidic. Here are some other tips as well:

– Place a thin layer of pebbles on the bottom of the tub to help with the draining
– Add a few layers of damp newspaper
– Add waste when it becomes available
– Don’t use garden worms it wont work the same way
– Never add dairy to the farm
– Dampen paper and cardboard before adding
– Keep the farm in a shady place

If you are looking for the official Worm Farm website, there isn’t one. However, here are a few that are pretty close:

Worm Poop
Happy D Ranch

This author is a huge fan of Worm Farming Tips Online

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