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Any advice or guide on the interior design of a bathroom should be based around one simple concept: keep it simple. Rooms inside of a home should have functional aspects, and if one room is designed for very specific functions, it is the bathroom. There have always been many jokes about the “throne” of a home, but the honest fact is that creating a visibly appealing and comfortable bathroom will inspire positive feelings to its users.

Hardware choices should be the primary concern when designing a bathroom. Faucets and spigots, as well as tubs and toilets, produced in a variety of shapes and materials can centrepiece a design. Open showers are currently popular with the younger upwardly- mobile crowd, and claw-foot bathtubs are almost always considered to be classic and attractive. Evaluate privacy issues first; don’t put the toilet and tub too close together.

Is it a possibility to centre your bathroom around a favourite theme? The answer is most certainly “yes.” Keeping in mind that “less is more” while choosing a decoration pattern that will coordinate with the rest of the home will open many design possibilities. Finding a colour or pattern inspiration from simple or small artwork may be the first step toward creating a bathroom masterpiece.

When designing a bathroom’s tiling, take the time to shop around through different hardware, decoration and craft stores. The more expensive of the different types of tiles should have durability, aesthetic value, and a non-porous surface. It should be easily cleaned and sanitized, and it needs to install easily without any expensive or caustic glues or cements. Get creative also; all tile in bathrooms need not be made of porcelain.

After the design and production of a space-conscious and attractive bathroom have been completed, focus on decoration accessories to bring out personality and individualism. The bathroom is the most sacred room of any interior, and placing prized possessions on the walls or shelves is an interesting way to bless this special room. Use courageous ideas and do not be afraid to take chances, but above all: keep it simple.

Take a look around your own home. Is what youve been referring to as your time-honoured home decor really just old fashioned? If so, maybe its time for you to join the remodelling parade. The good news is: there are lots of easy, low cost ways to give your homes look a nice pick-me-up.

The bathroom is one of the most popular targets for home improvement. While any project involving plumbing tends to intimidate the average homeowner, there is a lot of new product technology designed with the do-it-yourself in mind.

One of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to spruce up a bathroom is to replace the faucets. Improvements like this have a huge impact on the functional and aesthetic value of the space. You can create an entirely new theme for your bathroom — such as contemporary, old world, or European — based on the design of your faucet, says Angie Coffman, director, Delta product marketing for Delta Faucet Company.

Before purchasing a new faucet, its a good idea to do some preliminary research. You may also want to consider a budget before beginning your search, as prices can vary widely. You will find that there are many different styles and designs in bathroom faucets. Consider ahead of time whether you want a single-handle or a double-handle faucet. Notice how the handles feel in the palm of your hand. Do you want something that is delicate or more heavy-duty? Explore different spout designs and finishes as well. Decide whether or not you want an escutcheon, the decorative plate beneath a faucet. An escutcheon will also cover extra holes that might be drilled in the sink.

Look for a faucet that installs easily — you may notice language like quick connect or no adjust, indicating that minimal tools are required. Pay close attention to the existing hole configuration on your sink. How many are there and how far apart are they? Do you need a single-hole, 4-inch centre-set, or a wall-mounted faucet? Your single-handle faucet may have three holes underneath, but you dont necessarily have to replace it with another single-handle. Theres a design, called a mini-widespread, which provides flexibility for customers who have a single-handle faucet, but are looking to switch to a double handle, widespread look. The Victorian Mini-widespread from Delta is an example of a faucet that offers intricate, old-world styling in a smaller sink setting.

Make a Lasting Improvement

Look for a design that wont soon be outdated and one that will complement the rest of your bathroom, one that will stand out without sticking out, according to Coffman. Keep in mind that you will probably be using this new faucet for years, so choose something that is durable, versatile, and a brand that is considered reliable.

Installing high quality products in a bathroom will result in a high return on your home remodelling investment. That is why it is important to choose a faucet that offers long-lasting, worry-free performance. You want to look for things like solid brass construction and a company that offers a lifetime limited warranty, along with customer support, in case you have questions while installing the faucet yourself.

Now that you are ready to give your bathroom the facelift it has been waiting for, have a few tools handy for the installation. A pair of adjustable pliers, along with an Allen wrench and basin wrench, will probably be necessary. Also pick up some silicone or caulk, and Teflon tape. Always double check the instructions on your faucet for any other tools or supplies needed.

If you are looking for additional support, try consulting your local home improvement store. Or, check out manufacturer Web sites, such as deltafaucet, for installation tips. As you join the millions of Americans remodelling their homes this year, choose your projects wisely and remember that even seemingly small changes, like a bathroom fixture upgrade, can add value to your home.

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