DIY Finishes For Bathroom Wall Cabinets — Personalized Decorating Ideas

When personalizing your bathroom, wall cabinets, vanities, and lighting provide the artist in you with the ideal canvas to make this retreat room your own. By finishing and decorating these bathroom fixtures yourself, you can have fun trying out new things and getting in touch with your unique sense of style. DIY finishes give you the added benefit of saving you money on the basic items as well as the finishing materials. In fact, you may already have all of the supplies you need!

Sprucing Up A Bathroom Wall Cabinet
Custom bathroom wall cabinets are a stunning addition to any bathroom. For those who want their home to reflect their true personality, they offer a great starting point for attempting DIY finishes. The first step is to decide which kind of finish you would to try out.

Specialty rollers and high end finished are a cost effective solution for transforming a boring bathroom wall cabinet into something unique and exciting. Some of the effects these specialty paint products produce include marbling, feathering, sponging and many other textures. These finishes make a bathroom wall cabinet into a dominant focal point that adds color and life to the space.

If you would like to get a little more creative with your bathroom wall cabinets, consider making use of your artistic talents. Paint simple, but stunning images on the outside of bathroom wall cabinet doors, or choose specific areas to embellish. For images, draw out the main lines of the design and transfer it directly onto the wood. Then, use the appropriate paint colors to fill in the picture.

Customizing Your Bathroom Vanities
Vanities are another customizable option. You can decorate them to match the rest of the decor or use accent colors to turn them into a conversation piece. By painting coordinating designs to match the bathroom wall cabinets you can bring a sense of unity to your bathroom. Alternatively, you can paint only the trim, or add borders to fit in with the rest of the space.

To produce a nice clean line, use painter’s tape to mark off the area you will paint. Add the necessary coats of paint and then pull off the tape once the paint is completely dry. You can add designs such as leaves, flowers, or scrolls on top of the painted border as well.

Some bathrooms don’t have enough space for a full vanity. The solution for a small bathroom is often a pedestal sink, but in some cases, this also means a view of unattractive plumbing fixtures. To draw the eye away from any unfinished plumbing use your creativity and a bit of glass paint to add virtually any pattern you like on the porcelain. Continue that visual thought by continuing on to the toilet and bathtub.

Fabric is another great option to dress up pedestal sinks. With a few lengths of material and self-adhesive Velcro, you can add a ‘skirt’ to hide the sink’s underbelly. Use the same fabric on the shower or even on the wall to give the impression of a window if the room needs a little more life.

Though the bathroom is a small room, it is also a retreat! This room is a wonderful place for you to express your creativity and create a truly unique space that both your family and your guests will enjoy.

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