DIY Bathroom Remodeling Tips: Choosing Unique Decorative Mirrors

One of the simplest ways to add character to your home bathroom decor is by changing the mirrors or adding more. Before you begin the search through an almost unlimited number of choices, you should first consider the following:

What is they style of your bathroom?
The style is what ties the decor of the room together. The style of the mirrors, vanity, and even lighting should all complement eachother.

Everyone has their own personal style or a style that they find preferable. Some of the most common styles are defined below.

A Traditional Style: Popular, time honored, and considered by some to be ageless. Characteristics include dark woods and hand carvings. Popular examples that would fit this style include oval or rectangular shaped mirrors.

A Contemporary Style: Terms to define this might include sleek, modern, simplicity, clean lines, less is more. Characteristics include light woods or dramatic stains. Examples of this style might be round, square, and frameless mirrors that extend from the beyond the edges of the vanity.

A Transitional Style: Here you are bridging the established tastes and modern influences and these selections reflect the best of the old and a touch of the new, brought together for today’s changing and evolving preferences. Styles include all shapes. The finish usually will include a combination of materials, such as exotic woods and artesian metals (stainless or copper).

What is the size of your vanity?
This is important because the size of your vanity will determine mirror size you need. The mirror should roughly extend to the edge of the vanity or just slightly beyond. If you have a double sink vanity and want a contemporary look, an unframed large single mirror that extends from the outer edge of the vanity will keep it simple and give your bathroom nice clean lines. For a more traditional look, use two single oval mirrors hung over each bowl.

Don’t be afraid to try something different. To add a little character, consider choosing two different mirrors to hang over the individual bowls. This can be a great way to express the individuality of the two people that use the bathroom.

If you take the time to answer these two questions before you start, you will surely be able to narrow your search to specific keywords, helping you to easily and more quickly sort through to find the best vanity mirrors to match both your needs and personal style.

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