Diving Gear – Equipments For Scuba Diving


The above mentioned equipments help in ensuring that one has a safe diving experience.•    Scuba Tank – A ‘scuba tank’ is a very important and very essential thing to take along on a diving trip. They are also known as ‘scuba cylinders’. They contain breathing gases in proper compositions and aid in underwater breathing. The cylinders are generally very costly and are made from ‘steel’. However, their advantage is that they can last up to a much longer time period due their enhanced durability. A lot of cleaning is also needed to avoid rusting. ‘Aluminium’ tanks are cheap, but they are damaged very quickly. •    Scuba Regulators – It is a device which lowers the air pressure in the scuba tank to aid breathing. There are regulators of varying kind in the market and one should buy a regulator which can properly help them to breathe. Hence, it is a good idea to first check the regulator and then buy it according to their suitability.•    Scuba Mask – Every diver need a diving or scuba mask. They are available in varying measurements .It basically helps in protecting the delicate features like the eyes etc.One should buy a mask of the right fit according to his or her facial proportions. •    Scuba Fins – Scuba fins are also a very important piece of equipment which aids in diving. They help in wading through the waters without putting in much effort. They are available in a number of shapes and sizes and other varieties like material etc., and it is essential to have a proper scuba fins•    Scuba Suits – Scuba suits are probably the most important piece of gear that one requires in order to dive in saltwater. Scuba suits are of two kinds – ‘wet suits’ and ‘dry suits’. They help in protecting the body from the chilly waters as well as the salty water. Wet suits are very cheap and effortless to use. One should buy a scuba suit according to the proper thickness required .Dry suits are costly but they provide a much higher level of protection against the cold water as compared to the wet suits.•    Scuba Gauge – It is another essential gear for diving. Scuba gauges help in telling the time elapsed under water and the amount of air left in the scuba tank. Also fitted is a device which measures the depth. They help in maintaining a check on other equipments. They range from the ‘most basic’ to the ‘very advanced’ gauges.

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